Confrontation: TaoR

It’s hard to not have been involved in the miniatures hobby, no matter your stripe, and not heard about Confrontation miniatures. They are cartoony, gothic, spectacular, “best of” figures made in France. The game in it’s first couple of incarnation wasn’t really all that appealing to me – perhaps due to some bad rules translations but the figures blew me away. I bought a LOT of them back in the day. I’ve painted a few but not a lot.

Confrontation 3rd Edition was very nicely done however and I became interested. I still didn’t bite as I was working on the Greater Pacific War project. Time has been kind though. Now that I am fully invested in AT-43 Rackham has gone out and made the new Confrontation similar in many respects to AT-43. The starter set is, I think, superior to the one for AT-43. The figures are freaking gorgeous too. There aren’t many availabe yet but they clearly have learned their lessons with AT-43 as these new figs are quite nice.

I will have a review of the rules in a later post. They play similarily to AT-43, but maybe at a slightly more epic level. I will say now that it is hard to find things in the rules because there is no index. They also don’t have the glossary that was in AT-43 (with page numbers refering back to the relevent rule…) These are hardly nit-picks. When you are learning the rules it makes it very painful and slows the first few games down terribly. Now for the advanced player it isn’t as big an issue.

I am including here a picture of some figures I painted from my metal confrontation collection. Snipers baby. Reach out and touch somebody with a lead ball!

Click image for an enlargement.


  1. Yes, a lot of people are turned off by pre-paints because a big part of the hobby for them is painting the figures. However since I have both a metal and plastic figure of basically the same pose in front of me I can tell you that they are equally detailed. The plastic figure is cheaper than the metal one and would take priming and painting just as well. I’ve seen some fantastic re-paints of the AT-43 stuff. You ought to try your hand at it. I think you will like the fact that you can play right out of the box with the new figures and that they match up quite well with their metal cousins.

  2. Dane of War says:

    I’d be a little more tempted by these Confrontation sculpts if I could paint them myself. The whole pre-painted bit turns me off from customizing them.

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