Comparison of Halo Actionclix’ figures to others

Here you can see a Halo Spartan with Assualt Rifle,
A Copplestone Zombie
A Halo Marine (note that the “human” figures are smaller than the Spartans by about a head)
A DDD Marine
and finally a Halo Spartan with Partice Beam Rifle.

I adjusted the figures with coins to get it so they all had the bottoms of their boots at the same height.

In the background is the Warthog. The figs are nice. For cheap pre-paints they will do the trick.


  1. Yeah… everyone knows that because I even say that in the text of the article. One figure is a Copplestone and the other is from Devil Dog Designs.

    Many people who play miniatures games often mix figures from other companies and are curious how well the various figure lines mix and match.

  2. Um… 2 of those guys are not haloaction clix just to let you know

  3. Thanks, I saw that a few days ago and thought it was really clever!

    Good job!

  4. Dragontigre says:

    For scale comparison pictures, useful tutorial and downloadable scale comparison chart on WeeToySoldiers :

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