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I’ve been playing Halo a bit lately. I’ve decided to make a fun mockumentary of one of the games we did. It came from a 31 second clip that I found really entertaining from a game we played. “We” being the Buttermen of course; the motley group of Thursday Night Regulars who play Halo for fun. Least uptight bunch you’ll find.

The video will be a “State Channel 1 Broadcast” documentary about a battle from the Red Vs. Blue Civil War of 2363. It will feature Moi as the grizzled, grumpy veteran survivor of the battle. Hopefully it will be stupid and funny instead of just stupid. I plan on depicting Red as a dictatorship and make this documentary just another propaganda film. I hope to take this creative license and make something entertaining and communicate the experience of playing team based Halo games. All hail the Dictator in his Infinite Wisdom!

With almost 3 million games of Halo played in the last 24 hours it is obviously a pretty popular game. I think Halo 2 was a good game but it wasn’t my favorite. Halo 3 how is is amazingly good and ranks right up there with one of the best I’ve played. Graphically it really pushed the 360 and showcases the architectural strengths of the platform. It makes me happy to be a 360 owner. It’s not a perfect game but they get a lot right and the fact that I can make these videos is a pretty freaking fun thing!

“If Only it were So Easy”

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