Cold Wars 2006 Wrap Up

Cold Wars 2006 has come and gone. I wanted to get there Thursday night but with things being hectic at work that was canceled. I did fly in on Saturday morning, stayed the night and then flew home Sunday night. It was a fun convention. They had over 2000 attendees. It was a good show. I will keep this short since I am still tired.

One big of really good news is that I got to speak with Mr. Larry Bond, the well known author and one of the guys that came up with the admiralty series of games by Clash of Arms. They want to run their games in coordination with the project. That will bring us up to a presence of 17 games at Historicon. This is good. This is very good. They have another author they want to sponsor coming to Historicon. The project will probably kick in to help with that. Lets hope that we can do something. The buzz is very positive for the Greater Pacific War Project and with fine people like Mr. Bond becoming interested I think its really a going to be a great time.

I’ll post more regularly now that things at work have gotten quiet and Cold Wars is out of the way.

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