Check out DOC* The Documentary Channel

DOC* The Documentary Channel

I learned about this new channel today and got to meet Tom Neff the CEO at a FilmNashville Seminar on getting funding for documentaries. Great seminar and you can’t beat the $5 entry fee. Only in Nashville Folks! Tom Neff was a very interesting speaker. I have to look up his prior work. His office is not far from here over on 8th Avenue. I think I would LOVE to debute the OMG video there. Without a doubt it would be great to be in at the begining and providing unique content you can’t find anywhere else. If it does well on that channel then it will be a great boost to doing the Greater Pacific War video! I have enough material to do a series of short 24 minute docs for this group. Lets hope they bite. I’ll be working up a submission to them. With some luck I will have permission to use the music in the OMG trailer video.

Every day we get closer and closer to getting this project into the eye of thousands of potential gamers. If DOC* takes off then perhaps eventually millions of viewers. Lets hope and pray they do well. It would be a huge boost for the hobby if this film takes off.

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