Champions of the Force

Champions of the Force

Yeah – my addiction continues! Having complete collections of all prior releases there was no reason not to go gangbusters on this set too. It just came out last week. I picked up 2 cases that were sequencial. I ended up not getting a single rare or ultra rare duplicate! What amazing luck. I have almost the whole set of 60. I have extras of some decent figures and of course quite a few junky bits. Actually the junk is useful. The Ugnaughts are 3 points and can blow doors of their hinges. This is clearly the answer to that opponent you think plans on turtleing (using override to stay locked in a room after killing one of your guys).

You only need one or two though. I have 6. Same with the R5 droid. Its semi-useful with droids so it will see more use with Sepratists than anything else. It should have been given the ability to repair vehicles. Oh well. There are a few nice droids it could repair.

The heavy hitters in this set are the Sith, a new faction. The Old Republic is also a new faction but is lacking any unique characters. For now the Sith will pretty much kill any Old Republic squads. In a future set the Old Republic will likely get the characters they need. You ought to see the stats on Darth Bane. I got one of them and he would kick Darth Vader’s ass in any of his configurations. And that’s saying something!

The Republic gets the most new characters and a lot of them rock. Of course the old school Rebels and Empire get some nice loot now too! I need a few more E-Blasters and Atgar guns! Very nice models.

I was waiting for this game to Jump the Shark but this set is really quite solid. It continues to add to the tactical options the serious collector has and there are some fun characters in there.

Definitely give it a look if you can stand collectable games and love Star Wars as much as this Alpha Nerd does!

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