Massive Update to the Yard Sale

I finally have some time and I’ve updated the Yard Sale with tons of miniatures from the Napoleonic period. These are all marked 50% off of retail. All proceeds go to the widow of a local war gamer, and the figures come from his large collection. Help out his family this Christmas!

New Items added to the Yard Sale

It’s been a busy day. A couple of days ago I was in a car accident and my car was totaled. Luckily no one was injured and we both had insurance. I spent today looking at cars. It wasn’t a bad experience. There are a lot of models out there but the technology has changed a lot over the years (my last car was 9 years old) and it struck me that this sale is the same thing. These miniatures are WAY better than the miniatures I had growing up in the 80’s. Also there are now a lot of brands. Some people have their favorites. So far I am just lucky to make enough room to get around in my office. So the selection of figures is just what I randomly pull out of my over stuffed storage and bring into the house. But as the sale progresses, more breathing room is created and I am able to open up the collection some more for special requests. Right now the boxed miniatures are the easiest to sell because they are highly labeled and I know what the retail price is on them. Once they are moved then it’s on to the metal miniatures. Let me tell you – there are a lot of them. Its crazy. I don’t even know what they are. I am dumb when it comes to the period. That is when I will need the help of you folks. Someone will help me figure out by visually identifying the figures so I can come up with a decent description.

I implemented weights for everything so the postage should be more fair. The first wave was shipped at rates I just don’t think were right. It’s all part of the learning process. My day job is as a data scientist for casinos. I can tell you a lot about the exponential curvature of the histogram of run length for similar balls called in bingo games. And my own interests are in ACW, Dark Ages, Old West, and WWII. I think the Napoleonic period is beautiful – but I am going to depend upon you experts to sort this thing out!


First Wave Sale Items Shipped!

I am adding more stuff today. If the site stays up. My host suffered a DoS attack for most of the day yesterday, I assume in association with the Turkish Coup. Who would have guessed a cyberwar that far away would have affected us. The site seems stable so far so lets hope it remains up!

I am redoing the shipping. I learned my lesson. Weigh everything. Shipping is a killer. Now I know why businesses use Amazon for fulfillment! No one was over charged in Wave 1. Quite the opposite actually. I have purchased a scale and I am using the Post Office’s Click-n-Ship. I also noticed that they have the ability to pick up from the house so shipping isn’t dependent upon me having to make a side trek to the nearest Post Office!

I am also going to do a give away. There is a small painted army based for skirmish warfare. I have no use for it. Its about 30 or so figures. Extremely well painted. Everyone who buys anything is in the running. Every whole dollar you spend will be like a raffle ticket. At the end of Summer I will have a program pick a winner. It could be you! I will get photos of the Army up soon. The army will also come with a hard case, so it’s ready for you to take to the hobby store and fight with!

The Sale Begins


I finally have a web store up to sell the gaming materials of my old friend to help his family. All of the stuff can be found at the Victory Points Yard Sale. This is just the beginning. There  were be a lot more stuff added on a weekly basis. I expect it will sell quickly because the prices are very low.

Help a widow, buy Napoleonic Miniatures!

black-powder-french-line-infantry-5683-0-1396615397000A dear friend passed unexpectedly. It was left up to me to help his widow by liquidating his collection. I was shocked to find nearly 10,000 miniatures still in their boxes. So, these have to go. All proceeds are going to the widow. I’m not taking any fees. It’s a huge collection and she deserves what she can get for it. However, neither of us know much about the period. I will create a discussion the forums so that people can discuss the items for sale. some items I will have to put up without having much knowledge of it. Luckily I do have part numbers for most of the boxed stuff. The loose lead, though, will be an interesting challenge. You can help!

Mark was a great guy and I’m happy to help out his family this way. I hope that you can help by spreading the word. I will be putting things up for sale one bin at a time. If there is something you want and don’t see I can make you a deal deal if you buy in larger quantities. There is other stuff for sale. Mainly O scale model railroad stuff. I am even more clueless about that, than I am about the Napoleonic soldiers. So, if you have any interest in that, let me know. I can’t tell you what most of it is, but I can say that I’m certain someone out there has a cross over interest between miniatures and model trains.

SOLD — [Full Thrust] Kra’vak Fleet for sale



Yet another treasure pulled from the basement that needs to find a loving home that will paint and play with these babies. This is a great looking fleet and if I remember the Full Thrust rules well enough, breaks all laws of physics basically handing you a win against your club mates. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to humiliate the other players when you unleash weird alien technology on them!

No asking price. I will accept any reasonable offer. As with the Phalons I’ll even consider barter, trade OR you could turn the tables and quote me a price you’d ask to paint them. If I like it – then money goes the other direction!

OK what do we have in this lot?

  • FT401 Ra’San Class Fighters (12)
  • FT402 Lu’Dak Class Intruders (4)
  • FT403 Ka’Tak Class Strikers (4)
  • FT404 Da’Kak Class Frigates (3)
  • FT405 Di’Tok Destroyers (3)
  • FT406 Vo’Bok Hunter Cruiser (2)
  • FT407 Si’Tek Patrol Cruiser (2)
  • FT408  Heavy Cruiser (2)
  • FT409 Battlecruiser (1)
  • FT410 Battleship (1)
  • FT411 Battledreadnought (1)
  • FT412 Superdreadnought (1) (comes with instructions to put together the SAGAN number of parts)
  • FT413 Attack Carrier (1)
  • FT414 Light Carrier (1)
  • FT415 Light Transports (3)

29 Capital Ships and 12 fighters.

Let’s Make a Deal!

[Full Thrust] Phalon Mega Battlefleet for sale!

Phalon FleetBack in the day I loved Full Thrust! I now play Starmada but I would not turn my nose up at a good game of Full Thrust. Alas with my new years resolution I have to make choices and space gaming is out until further notice. That said, take at look at this amazing collection of Phalon Ships! I won’t set an asking price. Make an offer in trade, barter services or offer cold hard cash for this lot! OR turn this into an opportunity for YOU and quote a price that you’d paint these for!


  • FT805 Destroyers (3)
  • FT803 Corvettes (4)
  • FT804B Frigate type B (3)
  • FT802b Battle Scout (4)
  • FT802a Recon Scout (4)
  • FT806 Light Cruiser (2)
  • FT809 Battlecruiser (1)
  • FT807 Medium Cruiser (2)
  • FT808 Heavy Cruiser (2)
  • FT801a Fighters (12)
  • FT801b Heavy Fighters (12)
  • FT801c Fighter Interceptors (12)
  • FT813 Light Fighter Mothership (1)
  • FT811 Battledreadnought (1)
  • FT812 Superdreadnought (1)
  • FT810 Battleship (1)
  • FT814 Heavy Fighter Mothership (1)

17 blisters all told 26 capital ships and 36 fighters.

Let’s make a deal!

SOLD — [Warmaster] Orc Army for Sale, 17 blisters asking $140

Warmaster Orc Army


This army looks even more interesting than the Empire one, I think. It lacks the heavy hitting aspect of the Empire Army but it has loads of mobility. It contains the following blisters:

  • Night Goblin Archers x4
  • Orc Characters
  • Orc Boar Riders x4
  • Ogres x2
  • Orc Warriors x3
  • Orc Lord on Wyvern
  • Goblin Wolf Chariot x2

Proceed from this will help me finish my other projects. I’d love to see these go to someone who will paint them and enjoy them!

[Warmaster] Empire Army, 18 blisters asking $150 — SOLD

Empire Army for sale

Empire Army for sale


Up for sale is this 18 blister set. Wanted $150 or trade or service barter for the lot.


  • Empire Pistoleers
  • Empire Heroes and Wizards
  • Empire Knights x3
  • Empire Flagellants
  • Empire Hand Gunners
  • Empire Crossbowmen x3
  • Empire Hellblaster Volley Gun
  • Empire Grand Theogonist on War Alter
  • Empire Hero on Griffin
  • Empire Skirmishers
  • Empire Steam Tank
  • Empire Cannons x2
  • Giant