Casey Jones better watch your speed

This is a screen shot from my handheld GPS. I was on a jet and wasn’t sure if it would work. Note the max speed is 644 miles per hour! The speed of sound is 770 miles per hour so we were pushing the limits of the airframe! The listed max for the 737 is 0.82 or 631.4 miles per hour.

What does this have to do with gaming? Mainly it is why I am NOT gaming. I’ll be busy for the next couple week or so.

However I do have some gaming bits to chat about briefly. I am redoing the HMGS Mid-South website soon. I have some direction from the President on what needs to be fixed up. I hope to leave it better than I found it. During my down time this week I plan on creating the new pages and improving the overall layout a bit. Nothing really new will be added – I just hope to clean up the look a bit.

I got some new expansion packs for Runebound – 2 of the new alternate adventures and 2 packs of new equipstuff and cannon fodder (aka allies!). They look pretty good actually. Oddly to date I’ve only played the Isle of Dread alternate adventure. I’ve got about 4 alternative adventure packs. They all replace events and ending of the original game. If you haven’t tried Runebound you should definitely check it out. Its a great game system. I will warn you that it bogs down when there are 4+ players. There are ways of speeding it up but it is generally expected to take 5-8 hours to play. 2 players can finish the game in 2-3 hours which is how I’ve played it mostly.

I’m in need of some cheap AT-43 Succubusi. I could use 2 more, but preferably I would like 5 more. At retail prices that would be a lot of money. If anyone knows of a sale pass the word on! And yes this does have a bit to do with ConQuest in Las Vegas! More to follow!

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