Can’t call this a "miniature"

Yeah baby. 2″ long spider found right here in Nashville. It was back lit by a spotlight which made it even creepier. I had my tripod and my camera so I had to take a picture. I’ve lit it up with a laser to make it a bit more in the spirit of Halloween. I don’t know what kind of spider it is but perhaps someone who knows of these sorts of things can ID it. I do have another non-laser lit picture of it as well.

Got the creeps yet?


  1. Another reader has pointed out it could be a wolf spider but is actually more likely to be either a garden spider or a Signature Spider based upon the web and the fact that it doesn’t make much attempt to hide. Some brown recluses do get that big but they said it is extremely rare and this is the third spider this size I’ve found in the area.

    BTW it is even bigger now. I wonder what the size limit is? I can’t imagine it will survive winter but who knows. I need a bug expert.

  2. Not sure where you found this but you REALLY need to take care of this and pronto. These are very dangerous and a friend of mine has been bitten by one, he lives outside of Nashville and was hospitalized.

    Be careful and good luck!

  3. Even 2″ is apparently quite large for a brown recluse.

  4. Thanks Jan! Will do.

    Got confirmation. It is a very large Brown Recluse Spider. Apparently they are bitey and dangerous… yikes!

    I wonder how big it will get?

  5. Pete,

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