Blood Bowl Coming to the 360!

Blood Bowl coming for Consoles

Back in circa 1986 or 1987 I picked up a curious boardgame called “Blood Bowl” that took American Football and Games Workshop’s fantasy world and stomped on them until their parts mixed. It was a fun game that eventually produced a miniatures game (I never got into it that much.) It was fun. I am glad to see there is now a good looking computer version coming out! Cyanide Studios is promising it for 2008 and I can say from the screen shot it looks dead on gorgeous! More details will be forthcoming when I can find anything more on this. This is a must have for me for 2008!


  1. Peter Its Nick from Boston!! I loved this game!!
    I bought the first Ed of Bloodbowl the one with the styorfoam pitch(the skull) and any time a player was killed i would brake out the red paint and paint the square they died in!!! ohhh what fun!!
    I have been holding off on buying a xbox360
    but now!! I will damm it looks good!!!

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