BLACK SCORPION (miniatures)

I recently ordered some figures from Black Scorpion. You may have heard of this company. The sculpts are amazing. I ordered their entire collection of “Marines” (also usable for US Army) and each one is a little work of art. It looks like they are a good fit with the DDD miniatures I already have.

I also ordered some of their Tombstone figures. I’ve enjoyed many a Desperado game in the past but I haven’t done much with the Wild West in probably 7 or 8 years. I am interested now in the Warhammer Historical’s Legends of the Old West (LotOW) rules. These are similar to Necromunda and Mordheim in that it is a skirmish campaign based game where you build up your posse and develop it over the course of several games. You don’t need a lot of figures to get started. I think it would be pretty easy to find others to get involved in an ongoing campaign. What I don’t have right now are appropriate buildings. That can be easily solved though.

The above picture is of one of the packs I got. I wouldn’t mess with them, would you?


  1. Peter M. says:

    I ordered mine straight from them. The postage wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be and it got here quite quickly actually. I ordered the entire modern soldier set so that justified the shipping costs. I think The War Store sells Black Scorpion in the US.

    BTW, searches for Black Scorpion Miniatures are among the most productive for bringing people to this site. I should consider doing more articles on them.

  2. Where do you order the Black Scorpion stuff from?


  3. The figs should be compatible. The Wyrd miniatures figures are beautiful btw. I would say that compared to other Old West figures I am buying these days, Black Scorpion are the best in casting, detail and character. I imagine the pirate range is no different. I also have the entire Marine range and it is very good (though I have some quibbles with the poses – especially the guys not wearing their Kevlar as that is just not done these days on the battlefield.)

    I’ll measure the Black Scorpion figs and put that up on the blog. I am getting ready for a trip to Washington DC so it will have to wait until the weekend.

  4. How did the western figs from Black Scorpion work out? I’m interested in their pirate range for Legend of the High Seas.

    How big are they? I’d like to use them next to figs from Wyrd which are 32mm to the top of the head and slighter in build when placed next to a GW fig.

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