Billy Yank – new regimental ACW rules under development

My good friend Nathanial St. John has been running gorgeous games from the British Colonial Period using his rules Naughty, Naughty Sepoy. The rules are a blast and, like all good rules, take about 3-5 turns to understand. They really shine in how they incorporate ‘friction of command’ into the game play. They remind me a bit of a game system that was popular 10 years ago called Piquet. I felt those rules over-did the Fog of War aspect. The effect is more subtle in this set of rules.

What we are trying to do with this new set is to create a set of rules that give the players a challenge in command, tactical problems to be solved and playable without a lot of rules memorization or study. Its more like chess than it is Advanced Squad Leader. We want the rules to be consistant with period tactics.

A complete ACW system would also cover terrain modeling, history and multiplayer campaigns. I hope to incorporate all of the ideas I’ve had over the years into just such a system.

With that I’ve started to look into what terrain is there out there? My own collection is 15mm but some people like to game in 10mm and others in 28mm. Scaling the rules is pretty easy, in my opinion. Usually you can just replace inches with centimeters to game at smaller scales.

So here is a list of ACW terrain pieces I’ve found on the market:

StarFort Models (10/15mm): Some great set peices including the Gettysburg cemetary arch.

J R Miniatures: There are some great pieces here and some are useful for the Western Theater.

Here is an interesting blog post on someone’s ACW collection: It has some good advice in there!

At Nashcon I was able to get walls, artillery positions and more from Recreational Conflicts. Their site needs to be updated with these new pieces. Some you can see in the Painted Terrain section. Definitely contact them and ask about their ACW suitable terrain!

There are a bunch of excellent pieces at Stone Mountain. Alas they lack a lot of photographs!

Hovels of course makes some excellent buildings as well:

At Nashcon I met up with the folks at Foxhole Terrain. They have some awesome resin pieces. I picked up a bunch. I highly recommend them:

Hopefully this will be a good start on your ACW building and fortification collection!


  1. Yet More links!

    Musket Miniatures:

    Battlefield Terrain Concepts:

    Stone Mountains says: “Thanks for the inclusion. And yes, I know we lack pictures, but I am in the process of fixing that and we should have pictures of most everything by the end of the month.”

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