Basic Impetus

Basic Impetus

Lorenzo Sartori of Dadi & Piombo magazine has published a new set of rules called Basic Impetus. Its a set of ancients rules and you can get the basic set for free on the web. Click the title to get to the website with the rules.

They look very complete actually. They are also only 7 pages long which I much prefer. I am going to try these out. They use massed units on bases as opposed to single figures which I also like for this type of combat!

As a side note, Arrigo Velicogna is running pacific games for the GPW project in Italy. He is doing all of his writeups in articles for Dadi & Piombo – so theres the link between us and them!

Give BI a look as well as the magazine Dadi & Piombo. Let me know what you think. Your opinion counts! I know someone is reading this site – but you are a shy and reclusive bunch!

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