What Are Story Games?

A friend has started a website for Story based games. They are a lot like Role-playing games but are more casual and less rules intensive. They are perfectly suited for one-off games or convention games. He, obviously, is a big fan of them and his site, What Are Story Games, has links to several example rule sets out there. One that caught my eye was Geiger. Well worth taking a moment to check them out.

I’ve done some experimentation on my own with Story Games and I like the concept. Its a bit like Kriegsspiel. Kriegsspiel was the 19th century Prussian officers’ training game where the instructor would present a situation and the young officer candidates would discuss what they would do.

What I liked about Geiger was the theme – survival (horror, behind enemy lines, alien invasion, etc.) and that most characters would end up dead by the end. Much more appealing than fantasy: “If we can just get over ourselves we might defeat the dragon! Gosh I look dashing in my shiny Paladin’s armor!”

Days of Glory

Days of Glory

Pete English, a good friend of Victory Points has given us a preview of his new supplement to “Check Your Six!” aka “CY6”. This supplement takes us to the early days of WWII when the French faced the German in the sky. I got a chance to play a couple of the scenarios and while you may think they would all be cake walks for the Germans and impossible for the French – nothing could be further from the truth. These are historically accurate scenarios that for our gaming group were real nail biters. Here is the info blurb we got concerning this new supplement:

DAYS OF GLORY is a scenario and campaign book for the popular CHECK YOUR 6! Air Combat and Campaign Rules. The book provides three campaigns and 25 scenarios under one cover. The first campaign of 9 scenarios follows the beginning of the German air campaign over Belgium and France from 10-23 May 1940. The second campaign, recreates the intense combat above Dunkirk from 27 May to 1 June 1940 with 9 scenarios. The final 7 scenarios focus on the German drive to Paris from 3 June during “Operation Paula”, the attack on French airfields defending the City of Lights, and the last forlorn attacks by French squadrons up to 25 June 1940. The book also features some of WWII’s legendary aces including Helmut Wick, A.G. “Sailor” Malan, Robert Williame, Werner Mölders, Ian “Hack” Russell and Rene Pornier-Layrargues.
HISTORICAL RESEARCH: This book includes several introduction sections containing campaign historical background, organizations, formations and tactics of the French, German and British air forces, plus a bibliography for further reading.
AIRCRAFT STATISTICS and CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: This book contains aircraft statistics for 15 French, British and German aircraft in CHECK YOUR 6!  format for use in the scenarios. The book also contains detailed notes and rare pictures of the various aircraft featured in the campaign.
CHECK YOUR 6! CAMPAIGN SYSTEM: This book includes a CHECK YOUR 6! campaign that allows the scenarios to be played individually, linked to form three mini-campaigns, or combined as one grand campaign.

Broken Earth Campaign Ready to Roll

At HeroCentral.net I have the Broken Earth campaign information finally all loaded. Players can read the world history and jump into creating characters right away. I’m rather excited about this. This weekend I will kick off the campaign and we will have our first run of it.

I had some trouble getting the material up. I did a cut and paste from Word 2010 Beta. In the underlaying HTML there was some formatting that was not understood by HeroCentral which rejected it. However by going into Source Mode I was able to get the raw html and then in EditPlus remove the offending tags. In this case they were <o:p> tags which I have no idea what they do. I could google it I am sure but why…

It looks fine. Even my table formatting looks reasonably intact with little effort needed to fix it. I am really happy so far. Hopefully the players will be happy too.

The Raven

Here is the 5th edition Hero System write up for the RAVEN APC the characters get in The Broken Earth campaign. More to come when I get this updated to 6th edition and spec. out the main gun.


The Broken Earth Campaign

I am starting a new Hero System 6th Edition campaigned called The Broken Earth. It takes place 4 centuries from now on Earth after the planet has been wiped out by an interstellar attempt at takeover. The players are a team of scientists, technicians, leaders and explorers who were frozen prior to the doomsday event and revived with a mission to rescue what is left of humanity.

The Team (Alpha-3) will have an armored personnel carrier, links back to vault 0126 and plenty of high tech gear. Still they will need their wits to survive the wasteland. It just so happens that the ever vigilant overlord computer will be a sort of invisible NPC there. This well intentioned dictator will offer as much of a challenge as any danger the wasteland holds for Alpha-3.

Right now I have 5 players at Hero Central, 4 of whom have created characters. I am hoping to get the 5th to finish his. I can accept up to 8 characters in this run and if it works well I might attempt running multiple teams at the same time.

The story borrows from a lot of my favorite post-apocalyptic and sci-fi favorites. Aliens, The Long Afternoon of Earth, Mad Max, etc. I also borrow elements from The Morrow Project and Paranoia. There are many sources of information I have used. As the campaign materials are finalized I will put them up on this site for easy access.

Many thanks to Dan Simon for creating Hero Central and giving free access to this valuable PBEM RPG support system!