[AT-43] Trench Battle

We ran an interesting AT-43 game last night. It featured a small number of troops – 1500 UNA vs 1000 Red Blok. The Red Blok held a trench line with three objective points. The win condition was to control more of objectives than the enemy at the game end.

To cut to the chase, the UNA lost. The UNA showed up with 3 fire toads (2 normal and 1 Iron Rain), 1 Steel Trooper unit, 1 Jam TacArms and 1 Steel TacArms units. The only cover was the trench line. The UNA held back and shot up the Red line. They had a Nakovalny and a lot of infantry. The ‘Nak’ instantly became the most important target on the board. It survived into turn 2 but was a complete smoking ruin before that turn was out.

The infantry was difficult to dig out. If we had the luxury of time we could have stayed back and hit them with lasers and MG fire and softened them up but the fact is that that was going to be a very slow process. What we needed was mortar fire. We didn’t have it so it meant we had to go in.

I was pushing the UNA and I made what I consider in hind sight a critical mistake. I should have placed my Steel Troopers behind the firetoads. The would have had cover and I would be able to use the take cover combat drill. Another tactical issue was that I probably should have picked an objective and massed my forces to overwhelm it. The use of medics makes it important to overload units – especially when you are using low shot-count systems like Fire Toads.

Overall a very fun game. It felt like a WWII battle actually. We used the lovely Hudson & Allen trenchworks which looked great. If only I had not forgotten my camera.


  1. Thanks for the compliment. We play with a house rule that they do provide cover. They absorb all hits that are stopped by the cover roll. It makes the game more realistic.

  2. Dragontigre says:

    Striders do NOT provide cover. They do block LOS. Check AT-43 forum.

    Last time we discuss the subject : http://en-forum.at-43.com/viewtopic.php?t=2201

    (nice blog by the way 🙂 )

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