AT-43 – Building a Karman Army

I’ve started to look at my collection of Karman troops. I don’t have any vehicles yet but I have around 50 infantry troops. I had hoped that this would be enough to field a 2000 point Libra Army… wow was I in for sticker shock.

I collected the Karmans the same way I collect other things – I like the look so I buy them. Well little did I know how incredibly expensive the Karman infantry is. I put together two 2000 point lists with 500 pts in reserve. This has been one of the most difficult Armies to work with! The problem is that the units are really expensive. A full size Yeti squad is 680 points. Gracious. Thankfully Rackham came out with the concept of fielding teams or this list would not have been possible. Karmans seem to be destined for games with 3000 and 4000 points per side.

Here is what I took. My command squad consists of 8 Wendigos with 2 Drum Gun special weapons and Venerable Cornelius. This is my main anti-infantry squad – and should be able to lay down 40 (count ’em!) dice at accuracy 5 and penetration 6. With the Concentrate Fire! ability they get to re-roll missed damage rolls. Ouchie.

My Fast Attack option (oops wrong game!) are my Yetis. These are apes in power suits that fly on jet packs and pack decent guns. Yeah, you should be afraid. They also have rocket launchers which have a modest anti-tank capability. They certainly can take on Type III infantry in heavy power armor but they will find it hard going against Type II and especially Type III AFVs.

My dedicated Anti-Vehicle team are 2 Kaptar ZZ-Guns – 6 accuarcy and 2 shots each with a reroll. The penetration of 15 means most heavily armored vehicles will fear it. Even Defense 18 vehicles will be penetrated on a 5 or 6.

Finally I round my army out with K-Warriors and their Mortar Guns. The Armor of 11 should let them survive a little while. The mortars should prove pretty handy against infantry and Type I striders. Since they are infantry they will not be targeted by lock-shot weapons. They have armor similar in thickness to the UNA type I striders so it will take some pretty dedicated attacks to really take them out.

Overall I would say my main weakness is against vehicles here. The ZZ-Guns are useful BUT not well protected. It will require thinking very carefully how they deploy. Once they are lost I am down to desperation measures when taking on vehicles. That pretty much means I will have lost all possible initiative until the enemy vehicles are destroyed.

This army has excellent mobility right up there with the Therians. Any Army with jump troops can grab objectives quickly. Thankfully my jump troops can handle infantry and vehicles to a certain degree.

The surviveablity of this army is good considering two of the units have medics and Libra armies can bring back 1 soldier of the unit per medic that was lost. This will make the medics priority targets for snipers and dirty tricks so the key will be to keep them in cohesion but as well out of sight as is possible for an 8′ tall power armored ape!

There are a lot of power grips in this army – while these are really last chance weapons against vehicles it is a comfort knowing they are there. Also, when dealing with melee heavy troops, the 7 melee strength will really come in handy.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this army plays out. I think I will definitely want to get some vehicles and try a 3000 point game in the future.

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