AT-43 AAR – Mission 4 Skirmish

Well, this blog has proven to have at least one use – a local AT-43 player I’d not yet met found me through it. We had a fun game today – which I really needed. I’ve been having bad back problems and have been cooped up for days. Thankfully today I felt well enough in the afternoon to get out.

He brought UNA and I brought my Therians along with my brand new Baal! I quickly rushed together a company just prior to the game. I had the Baal as my follow on choice. The rest was infantry and 1 Heckat. My thought was I would be able to capture some of the control points and have enough RP to bring that bad boy on. Well, It was a nice thought.

The Skirmish mission is very tough. There are 8 deployment zones and minor cover on a 60cm x 120cm map. Basically the game involves on turn 1 units appearing in the deployment zones, receiving overwatch fire if they move and shooting. Since the range is quite close this is a very deadly game indeed. In fact for us it lasted 2 turns. I lost horribly. My able opponent captured the two control points and had enough RP (reserve points) to call in his full reserve on the next turn. My reserve consisted of my Baal which was 1/3rd of my points! ouch! So it never left the lift platform to come and fight.

I was a bit rusty on the rules but I recently did a re-organization. I put all my cards into trading card sleeve protector sheets and put those in a three ring binder. This handy binder also had room for a dry erase marker and protective sleeves for my striders, a regular pen, a collimated laser (produces a line not a dot!), the rule book, the Damoclese campaign book, 4 codexes and finally the cheat sheet with whose help I still managed to muck things up with. I am blaming the medicine I am on! 😉

I spent a few hours this week repairing things that were broke. The most interesting and sadly necessary repair concerned rifles missing from my Karman’s after they were dropped en masse. My substitute? Tau Pulse Carbines! Painted up they work just right!

Tiamat lost one of her arms… again for the millionth time. I put on stickier glue this time. Super glue just wasn’t cutting it.

I fixed over a dozen Karmen’s who lost things like neck rings, arms, pauldrons, guns and one which basically broke into all of it’s component pieces!

I should also mention I got a ton of stuff during the FFG 67% off sale. I got a ton of Red Block stuff (Nakos with gauss and mortar to give me two units of 3 each!) I got RPG Kollosus, the Therian Baal (type V strider of doom) and the two campaigns. Frostbite did not seem worth the $60 retail but at $20 it was a steal. My price threshold on that one was around $30. I’ve gotten tons of AT-43 at around 50% off so that is why. My latest purchases put about $300 worth of stuff in my hands for $100. I am letting family use these purchases as gifts to me! I’ve found this works out best around Christmas. Leave it up to them and I’ll end up with 1/32 scale German WWII tanks. (This has already happened!)

Anyway, it was nice to get out and game again. My next game hopefully will be playtesting the finalized first mission of MAW (see my previous blog post)

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