Aslan Is Not a Tame Lion

Here is a great article on the Chronicals of Narnia. My friend Mark Ballou worked on the film and I think appears as an extra. Its a great, alegorical story and I am sure it will do well this Christmas. If you are wondering what this has to do with gaming there are only a couple of tenuous links. Mark is brother to Tom who along with Jan Spoor hooked me on historical miniature wargaming. Also, I am looking forward to some interesting toys to come out of this. I missed the large amounts of PVC toys that came out for LOTR (I was collecting other stuff at the time – this time will be different.) What I thought of too late was that the PVC stuff for LOTR would have worked great for the Games Workshop series of games. They were bigger, fully painted and in some cases much cooler looking. If the same type of figs get made for this film I expect to buy up bunches of it to pull off some of the battles.

Once a gamer, always a gamer, eh?

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