ASGARD rules meta system coming soon

Vincent Yanda and myself have been working on the VictoryPoints website again. After aborting our first attempt with Joomla I’ve decided to build it from the ground up using ASP.NET (I wrote one of the first web applications using that in the mid-90s and I’ve been meaning to bone up on it again with ASP 3.5 having some maturity.)

That effort is going well. We are focusing on developing the content at the same time that I am building the infrastructure for the website. The site is based upon the idea of showcasing complete projects. ASGARD is a free meta gaming system you can use to remove the Game Master from most war games and the Dungeon Master from most RPGs. It is not a weak system but one that allows for complex results. It is based upon the Markov Chain and is in fact a paper based computer. It maintains most of the state of the evolving plot line and is incredibly easy to use with very little overhead. It allows for complex solo play. I was inspired by Victory Game’s Ambush! series which I have played numerous times over the years. What I didn’t like was they didn’t give you any information on creating your own modules and that the modules were on a fixed, known map. I wanted a system that you could create your own modules and have it work on an arbitrary map. I’ve spent months developing it with earnest work starting in October of 2008 and a workable system being ready in May of 2009. We are currently working up the documentation for the system along with several initial scenarios. We want the VictoryPoints site to be the home for it and for people to produce their own ASGARD projects and post them there.

That said we would love to negotiate with free lance artists to do some artwork. We unfortunately are not able to pay anything for this work but once the website is up we can offer to build up your online presence. For a starting (and starving!) artist like Vince and I this might be a good combination.

More details to follow. I finished the first sample scenario last night in which the players must find a key to open the gate in the wall imprisoning the village. It is a one page scenario that shows how the system can easily maintain complex state.

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