Another game of AT-43

I had the distinct pleasure of getting in another game of AT-43 this weekend. This time it was Red Blok vs. UNA. Since we are still teaching new players the rules and learning ourselves we kept the scenario simple. The UNA had a M.IND platoon and the Red Blok had a Frontline platoon – meaning it was a tank fight with infantry support!

The terrain was quite simple really – 2 hills, some containers and that was about it. Most of it was set up as a linear barrier between us on a 6×4 table.


KKS (Kossak) with Captain Pavel Vrachov

A Nakovalny Recon Strider

2 units of spetznatz kommandos

1 Unit of Kolossus Battlesuits

For the UNA we brought out a Defender Snake “Cobra”

However it was clear that A) even the Kossack was going to have a hell of a time taking it down and B) it was going to be about 3 turns before there were very few infantry units left on the Red Blok side. So we withdrew it until Al had purchased something with a bit more AT punch! Literally this thing was going to level everything on the field. Since this was a M.IND platoon it had the advantage of all of it’s vehicles having the Repair ability. It was going to be a nearly impossible fight actually! The only thing it could not fight was the Kolossus battlesuits and that was with it’s weapons. Since they are infantry it could have easily run them over and killed them in Tank Shock!

*edit below: a unit of 2 fire toads is indeed a legal unit*
We subsituted in 2 units of 2 Fire Toads 4 class 1 striders with repair plus some nearby mechanics meant it was still going to be one hell of a fight between the two factions.

My other units consisted of Steel Troopers and standard laser bearing Steel TacArms. Now I did buy some Jam TacArms but that would have been a sick combination against the Frontline platoon.

The game actually was a little close. The Kossak is freaking tough and can take a beating all day long. Between my Fire Toads and the Battlesuits we were winnowing it down. The Nakovalny blew up around turn 3 so that wasn’t an issue. However I was not able to stop the Kolossus battlesuits from getting one survivor into combat range. Al had the choice beween roasting my battlesuits or one of my Steel Troopers. He chose to split fire (haha no really!) and put one torch to the Steel Troopers and one to the Battlesuits. Well, thankfully his dice are well known for going cold on him. He did a fair to middlin job on the Steel Troopers but he only took out one of three battlesuits!

The next turn came up and I threw 5 command points into the authority test. If I did not get initiative he was going to roast the rest of the battlesuits and then the Kossak was going to close range and lay some serious fire down on my Fire Toads. He also threw some command points and I was up +2 on the test. I had already blown one test with such odds in my favor so it could have gone either way but my luck held and at Range 1 (automatic hits) the Battlesuits did the Kossak in style…


  1. Nice blog Neuro! Yes the Red Blok is a pretty blunt instrument presently. I expect some of the better anti-AFV units to come out soon enough… just in time for the really scary UNA vehicle to make its appearance!

    My next mission will be Red Blok vs. Therians. Now that should be fun.

  2. blogger cocked up the url

  3. I found that with my rb vs the defender snake.

    Geting a kossak and a pair of Nakovalny and the “hello boys” heroine – which may even it up.

    It did run away from my sniper unit when I was trying to shot out its weapons.

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