Advair is my new friend

Advair Indications, Dosage, Storage, Stability – Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol – RxList Monographs

Well it looks like the fun I had back in May with the asphixiant fumes has had a long term effect. If you are not familiar with that incident check out this article at TMP. It turns out I have damaged my right lung and will be put on an inhaler until it properly heals. There is a slight wheeze detectable from the lung and its probably been interfering with my sleep. However I believe it will heal quickly enough. As it turns out, asthema runs in the family somewhat so I am familiar with it. I haven’t had any attacks and this will more than compensate for any loss of capcity I gained. Its just another reason why we should be careful of what chemicals we use in our project.

So folks, keep it safe!

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