Action Report – Christmas in Boston 2008

This is mega late – as you can see I’ve been writing but with my time constraints most of my posts have ended up as drafts with the later intention of finalizing them. I’m only about 2 months late on this one…

It is ungodly early as I sit here with coffee thinking about the forced march from Nashville into Yankeedom up North of Boston. I hear it will warm up a bit there today for us and not be sub-zero like it was this past week in Massachusetts. That is good solace. Winter in Tennessee is like a good pop-star: looks pretty for a day and then goes away on world tour. Winter in New England… that is another thing my dear reader. They got dumped on with >>2 feet (0.6m) of snow that even today’s planned high of 40F (4.44C) won’t melt it away.

Tonight will be the usual multi-course ethnic meal involving spagetti, lobster and about 2 metric tons of appetizers/deserts/other edibiles. Italians don’t kid around with Christmas. Then there will be the toys… while the kids are acting like the UN Food Relief truck just showed up, I’ll be calmly thinking about all the gifts the family “got” me. Ok, they handed me cash and I smartly spent it! Included under my tree this year are:

Lt. Dragomira, 1x RPG Kolossus team, 2x Nakovalny (to go with the one I already have), 2x Nakovalny Sierp (again to fill out the 1 I already have), 1x Baal Golgoth (absolutely beautiful), Operation Damoclese campaign book and the much better than expected Operation Frostbite. So this is a very merry AT-43 Christmas already!

With that I hope that everyone reading this list has a happy holiday season and that all your wars are on the tabletop. I for one think that 2008 could have gone better but I am very much looking forward to 2009. With a wrecked economy, high unemployment, my own needed back surgery – it can only go up from here! I’ll do my part to make things better. Always remember that no matter how bad the economy gets – friendship’s value is never diminished.

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