A Boy and his Battle Rifle

I have found out that the Butterman are as diverse a group as any. It turns out this group of old farts who play halo also has it’s share of responsible gun enthusiasts. Aaron surprised me with his knowledge of international weapons, Nuttzy with his Army NG experience and KillTheHireling with his competitive shooting experience.

Here is me, the Boy and his Battle Rifle:

Here is the lovely day here in Tennessee I had to shoot with. The threat of rain kept all but a few out there today so it was very easy. At most there were two other shooters in the rifle house today. The place I shoot at is the Stones River Hunter Education Center. It is a great rifle range. The staff in exceptionally helpful and knowledgable about arms. They are located in Antioch, TN and I highly recomment them as a good place to go practice. $5.50 gets you 2 hours on the range. I also rent sandbags though I could make my own. The money goes to support the Range Safety Officer corp they have and those guys are really what make it a safe, educational and fun place:

And here is the results on one of the targets. Note that the shots off the paper are not mine. They reuse the foam core many times before replacing it and some people don’t have tight groups as you can see.

Overall I did pretty well. I tried it out at 100 yards with iron sights. It took a few rounds before I could even hit the target but once I figured out the trajectory it was a piece of cake. Now I just have to hone in those skills on Breath – Relax – Aim – Squeeze. Some day I will upgrade my iron sights to some sort of holographic aiming system and flip out scope but for now I am enjoying steeling my skill at general riflery.

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