47 Ronin legend slain, Turnbull Praised

One of my favorite blogs, Shogun-ki, has done a review of Turnbull’s latest Osprey book about the 47-Ronin. I had known for some time that the legend was false but not so much the actual details of the correct history. Much of what I learned that was wrong I learned from Turnbull’s books. As with any ethical historian, as knowledge of the facts improve so does one’s opinion change and thus the book does a great job of telling the new story. The Shogun-ki blog goes into much greater detail in their review and I highly recommend reading it.

As for gaming it, I definitely would be interested. I’ve been sitting on the 2nd edition of Japanese Art of War for 5+ years now. Part of the problem I have is I don’t have a solid group of play testers which makes writing good rules impossible. That said, I may yet get involved with putting together a scenario and running it.

Be sure to add Shogun-ki to your reader. They post infrequently but high quality material.

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