2cm Flak compared to MG34

**Edit – I changed the picture to one from gunpoint-3d.com, a great site for models of vehicles! **
Today I did some work on looking at the odds in Disposable Heroes of using the 20cm auto-cannon on the SdKfz 222 as compared to using the the co-axial MG34 against infantry. The results are interesting.

2cm Advantages: HE effect can effect whole unit. Longer Range. Much more useful vs. armored vehicles. Effect improves against enclosed spaces. As a support gun it works more effectively against infantry.

2cm Disadvantages: weak anti-personal effect. MG34 has a better morale modifier.

Ok, assuming I have it all correct above, lets look at some scenarios in which a SdKfz 222 engages the enemy. Correct me where I’ve got this wrong.

Scenario 1: The armored car rounds the corner and catches a squad out in the open. With a choice between the BAR team and the rifle team the vehicle commander has to decide what is the more worthy target. Lets assume they were expecting combat and they move slow into the engagement. An acquisition roll of 5 or less is required.

The 2cm would have an ACC of 6 to attack one of the infantry sections. Shooting up the 12 men in the rifle section would be with a 1AP. The expected result of this turn can be summed up mathmatically as 0.5 Acq x 0.6 Acc x 12 targets x 0.1 AP. the result is 0.36 expected casulaties. With an Acc of 5 and a ROF of 4 the MG34 gives 0.8 expected casualties. With the 2cm the unit takes a morale check at -1 while the MG 34 gives a morale check at -2. The MG is the clear winner here.

Scenario 2: Same as above but the infantry are in wood buildings offering medium cover.

2cm changes: Acc goes to 3. AP goes to 2 for enclosed space.
MG34 changes: Acc goes to 2.

The results are dramatic, the 2cm still has 0.36 expected casualties but the MG34 drops to 0.32. The winner by a nose is the 2cm. The MG still has the edge in the morale effect so if the target is already pinned, using the MG might be a better choice in an attempt to break them.

Scenario 3: Same as above but the cover has become heavy with another -2 to the Acc. The answer might surprise you. Both choices bottom out at 1 Acc. The 2cm is expected to cause 0.12 casualties. The MG34 is expected to deliver 0.16 casualties and has a better morale effect. The clear winner is the MG34!

Against smaller infantry targets the MG34 is the clear winner no matter what.

Here are the numbers as I worked them up in Excel:

Aqc. Acc ROF AP Chance of Casualty
0.5 0.6 12 0.1 36%
0.5 0.5 4 0.8 80%
Linear Cover or Concealment (-1 Acc)
0.5 0.5 12 0.1 30%
0.5 0.4 4 0.8 64%
Soft Cover (-2 Acc)
0.5 0.4 12 0.1 24%
0.5 0.3 4 0.8 48%
Medium Cover, enclosed (-3 Acc)
0.5 0.3 12 0.2 36%
0.5 0.2 4 0.8 32%
Heavy Cover, enclosed (-4 Acc)
0.5 0.2 12 0.2 24%
0.5 0.1 4 0.8 16%
Reinforced Cover, Enclosed (-5 Acc)
0.5 0.1 12 0.2 12%
0.5 0.1 4 0.8 16%

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