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More reactions to Hero System book 1

I’ve read further, and it turns out I was 1 page from where Steve describes the major differences between 5th and 6th. Honestly, I expected more changes, but it looks like some changes negated the need for other changes. There are fundamental changes – to be sure. A standard Hero is built upon 400 points now. This does not mean they are more powerful, but that the things are a bit more expensive in 6th edition.

This book does a HELL of a lot better job at describing character creation than the 5th edition book. I am enjoying reading it and I think new players to the system will have a leg up on the Grognards. The description of the guidlines for creating characters exists in both 5th and 6th but I think the version in 6th is better written. It gets more to the point about how to develop your concept before delving too deeply into the mechanics.

Package Deals have been replaced by Templates. Compared to the 5th Edition these seem a bit watered down with a suggested maximum of 15 character points. Eh? Some 5th edition package deals were North of 50 character points! Funny how on the next page (6E1 p.37) the two examples given show 17 and 27 character points each! Now they also come with complications (the new Disadvantages) and these are within 2-3 points of the benefits given.

More to come as I plow through the books!


Hero System 6th Edition is available now!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a fan of the Hero System. Started in the early 80’s as Champions, this role playing system has evolved into a powerful game that handles more than just superheroes. While there was a decade where I didn’t play it at all, when the 5th edition came out in 2003 I picked it right back up. Now in August of 2009 the 6th edition is here. I am currently reading the PDFs and waiting for my printed copies. I also have the newly updated Hero Designer software (one of my favorite software packages for character design.)

I haven’t finished reading it yet but I still wanted to let everyone know it is out there and available to purchase and download. The books are on a slow boat from China. So here are my first impressions:

  • Improved Layout: While very similar to 5th Edition the use of color and more consistent artwork is a huge improvement.
  • Crystal Clear Prose: Steve Long is an excellent writer. So far I like what I am reading. He gets to the point and uses his skillful writing to carefully explain the system. I am forced to read all of it because there have been some fundamental changes and so far I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen.
  • Streamlined: It appears so far that a lot has been done to streamline the system. I’ll do a full write up on this when I’ve finished reading V1 and then again on V2.
  • What I haven’t seen is a page on “You’ve been playing for years, here is what’s changed.” I’ve been keeping up with the discussion boards on Hero Games but I’d still like to see it in the book. Perhaps I just haven’t reached that point yet.

I’m planning on running a one off game with the system as soon as I’ve read both books and had time to create a couple of characters. My partner in crime here, Vincent, will be involved so I’m sure we’ll both be able to give separate accounts of how the game works. I plan on doing your very basic 4-color Supers scenario with a mix of fighting, rescuing and disaster aversion! All to be reported here!