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Welcome to Victory Points!


Welcome! We are currently building out this site to serve the gaming community. Pete and Vince are avid gamers and have always wanted a site for showcasing their talents and the talents of others. In particular the aim of this site will be to provide projects end to end. It may take us some time to get rolling so please subscribe to the RSS feed so you can follow our progress!

Back from Historicon – see the video

I am back from Historicon but I won’t blog much until I’ve caught up with real life. I’ve been really busy the last 2 weeks and I’ve fallen behind on a lot of stuff I need to get done. However, in lieu of reading me yakity-yak about it check out the news coverage! All in all it was great. I gave a lecture that was well attended and had some great questions thrown my way. I got interviewed twice, once for an Oral History project and once for the Weider History Group’s podcast. When I can finally figure out where they keep their podcasts I’ll post here – there are at least two that they did that weekend I want to hear and from my discussions with Dana Lombardy there are many more I will be interested in. Check out, and for more information.

"District 9" – creative Sci Fi

If you were disappointed by Transformers 2 (visually great but storywise a complete mess) then you need to get off the Hollywood Habit and start looking around the globe for creative upstarts that, while rejected by Hollywood, had found a home in other areas.

“District 9” is Neill Blomkamp’s first feature length foray. After getting so much priase for his Halo 3 advertisement work (previously featured here) he was considered too much of a risk for a feature length production. Many fans disagree with that sentiment, feeling his prior work, while short, was so compelling it begs for longer treatment.

Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame, who worked with Mr. Blomkamp on the Halo work has once again opened up WETA studio to him and together they have produced “District 9” which features a storyline somewhat similar to Alien Nation but with a darker, South African twist to it. All we have so far on District 9 is a prior short film and the new trailer (presented below). Trailers are a terrible place to judge if a movie is going to be good. Many times a trailer is many times better than the original film. However, they can whet the appetite. So, without further comment, enjoy the District 9 trailer.

New Wargaming Video

Done with 1/285th scale GHQ miniatures – this combines standard video, stop-motion, animation and other techniques. It is quite interesting. It has a pretty interesting look to it. I highly recommend watching it. It depicts Brits vs. Germans contesting a bridge head. It has quite a bit of “humour” in it.