Archives for April 2009

Update on Gamer Girth

Just a brief note. Back in early March I decided to start eating better and getting more exercise. After weighing I found I was 217lbs. Well Here it is one month later and I am 209, a net loss of 8lbs. My target is 195. While this won’t be thin by any strech of the imagination it certainly will be a lot better for me.

Anyway, a bit of encouragement for any other gamers out there looking to shake a few pounds off. I’m not doing anything more extraordinary than counting calorires and going on daily walks.

The War Dogs are Here… how?

Many thanks to East Riding Miniatures… the package with the War Dogs got here faster than a North Korean Missile (er, satellite?)

They look awesome. I’ll have them painted up in short order. They look quite “Bitey” and should be a huge nuisance to the Japanese player.

And you thought they smelled bad on the outside…

A clever April 1st Joke has turned into an actual product now! The TaunTaun sleeping bag. If you can’t figure out why this is cool I can’t spend the time needed to explain it. Will Star Wars ever die? Not if this thing sells like hotcakes!