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Victory Points almost open for business

I’ve been busy getting things ready for the new website. Right now the only thing that isn’t ready to go are the Forums. I am using Disqus to moderate the comments and I am hopeful they will eventually add forums. I would hate to have members work with two different membership systems. It is too much work to “invent my own” so I am dependent upon a third party solution. I’ve also been working to weed out spammers who seem to really love attacking Word Press sites.

I’ve already started to put content up. I need an RPG editor. I’d like to have other secondary editors as well. I’ve taken the mantle of Wargames Editor since that is 90% of my gaming anyway. If anyone is interested in being an editor (which consists of blogging, completing gaming projects and documenting them in photos and essays) then contact me here.

Lately my interests have swung to WH40K, HOTT, DBA for primary play and various boardgames for intermittent play. I have at least two boardgames I’ve gotten this year that I would LOVE to play if I can find opponents.

Once Victory Points is up this site will become inactive. It will be redundant. You can sign up for the Victory Points RSS feed instead!

So far things are progressing nicely on the site. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


Games Workshop / Tau pages added

From Tau

I am starting to fill out the site with the projects I have completed or am presently working on. The Tau army is my first foray back into 40K in a long time. I plan on adding lots of other things under the Games Workshop banner such as my love of Legends of the Old West. I am also getting Space Hulk this weekend so watch for that.

Check out the Tau Page

My dream is to get all of my projects cleaned up, photographed, written up and shared with you in the gaming community. I’ve had a lot of fun over the last 19 years of wargaming and while I have a lot of projects that never saw completion I do have many more that did. This site is also inspiring me to complete half-done past projects. It is amazing how many out of print miniatures I’ve found in my collection. Some have been sold on EBay to pay for this site. Others await new life. For example my original 1980’s Fimir from Games Workshop will end up in a HOTT army!

We still haven’t announced the Grand Opening of Victory Points yet so if you have come here via a google search – welcome! The site is underconstruction but I am aiming for an October 2009 grand opening!

If you want to see my prior work check out my old blog.

More reactions to Hero System book 1

I’ve read further, and it turns out I was 1 page from where Steve describes the major differences between 5th and 6th. Honestly, I expected more changes, but it looks like some changes negated the need for other changes. There are fundamental changes – to be sure. A standard Hero is built upon 400 points now. This does not mean they are more powerful, but that the things are a bit more expensive in 6th edition.

This book does a HELL of a lot better job at describing character creation than the 5th edition book. I am enjoying reading it and I think new players to the system will have a leg up on the Grognards. The description of the guidlines for creating characters exists in both 5th and 6th but I think the version in 6th is better written. It gets more to the point about how to develop your concept before delving too deeply into the mechanics.

Package Deals have been replaced by Templates. Compared to the 5th Edition these seem a bit watered down with a suggested maximum of 15 character points. Eh? Some 5th edition package deals were North of 50 character points! Funny how on the next page (6E1 p.37) the two examples given show 17 and 27 character points each! Now they also come with complications (the new Disadvantages) and these are within 2-3 points of the benefits given.

More to come as I plow through the books!


Hero System 6th Edition is available now!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a fan of the Hero System. Started in the early 80’s as Champions, this role playing system has evolved into a powerful game that handles more than just superheroes. While there was a decade where I didn’t play it at all, when the 5th edition came out in 2003 I picked it right back up. Now in August of 2009 the 6th edition is here. I am currently reading the PDFs and waiting for my printed copies. I also have the newly updated Hero Designer software (one of my favorite software packages for character design.)

I haven’t finished reading it yet but I still wanted to let everyone know it is out there and available to purchase and download. The books are on a slow boat from China. So here are my first impressions:

  • Improved Layout: While very similar to 5th Edition the use of color and more consistent artwork is a huge improvement.
  • Crystal Clear Prose: Steve Long is an excellent writer. So far I like what I am reading. He gets to the point and uses his skillful writing to carefully explain the system. I am forced to read all of it because there have been some fundamental changes and so far I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen.
  • Streamlined: It appears so far that a lot has been done to streamline the system. I’ll do a full write up on this when I’ve finished reading V1 and then again on V2.
  • What I haven’t seen is a page on “You’ve been playing for years, here is what’s changed.” I’ve been keeping up with the discussion boards on Hero Games but I’d still like to see it in the book. Perhaps I just haven’t reached that point yet.

I’m planning on running a one off game with the system as soon as I’ve read both books and had time to create a couple of characters. My partner in crime here, Vincent, will be involved so I’m sure we’ll both be able to give separate accounts of how the game works. I plan on doing your very basic 4-color Supers scenario with a mix of fighting, rescuing and disaster aversion! All to be reported here!


Welcome to Victory Points!


Welcome! We are currently building out this site to serve the gaming community. Pete and Vince are avid gamers and have always wanted a site for showcasing their talents and the talents of others. In particular the aim of this site will be to provide projects end to end. It may take us some time to get rolling so please subscribe to the RSS feed so you can follow our progress!

Back from Historicon – see the video

I am back from Historicon but I won’t blog much until I’ve caught up with real life. I’ve been really busy the last 2 weeks and I’ve fallen behind on a lot of stuff I need to get done. However, in lieu of reading me yakity-yak about it check out the news coverage! All in all it was great. I gave a lecture that was well attended and had some great questions thrown my way. I got interviewed twice, once for an Oral History project and once for the Weider History Group’s podcast. When I can finally figure out where they keep their podcasts I’ll post here – there are at least two that they did that weekend I want to hear and from my discussions with Dana Lombardy there are many more I will be interested in. Check out, and for more information.

"District 9" – creative Sci Fi

If you were disappointed by Transformers 2 (visually great but storywise a complete mess) then you need to get off the Hollywood Habit and start looking around the globe for creative upstarts that, while rejected by Hollywood, had found a home in other areas.

“District 9” is Neill Blomkamp’s first feature length foray. After getting so much priase for his Halo 3 advertisement work (previously featured here) he was considered too much of a risk for a feature length production. Many fans disagree with that sentiment, feeling his prior work, while short, was so compelling it begs for longer treatment.

Peter Jackson, of Lord of the Rings fame, who worked with Mr. Blomkamp on the Halo work has once again opened up WETA studio to him and together they have produced “District 9” which features a storyline somewhat similar to Alien Nation but with a darker, South African twist to it. All we have so far on District 9 is a prior short film and the new trailer (presented below). Trailers are a terrible place to judge if a movie is going to be good. Many times a trailer is many times better than the original film. However, they can whet the appetite. So, without further comment, enjoy the District 9 trailer.

New Wargaming Video

Done with 1/285th scale GHQ miniatures – this combines standard video, stop-motion, animation and other techniques. It is quite interesting. It has a pretty interesting look to it. I highly recommend watching it. It depicts Brits vs. Germans contesting a bridge head. It has quite a bit of “humour” in it.

ASGARD rules meta system coming soon

Vincent Yanda and myself have been working on the VictoryPoints website again. After aborting our first attempt with Joomla I’ve decided to build it from the ground up using ASP.NET (I wrote one of the first web applications using that in the mid-90s and I’ve been meaning to bone up on it again with ASP 3.5 having some maturity.)

That effort is going well. We are focusing on developing the content at the same time that I am building the infrastructure for the website. The site is based upon the idea of showcasing complete projects. ASGARD is a free meta gaming system you can use to remove the Game Master from most war games and the Dungeon Master from most RPGs. It is not a weak system but one that allows for complex results. It is based upon the Markov Chain and is in fact a paper based computer. It maintains most of the state of the evolving plot line and is incredibly easy to use with very little overhead. It allows for complex solo play. I was inspired by Victory Game’s Ambush! series which I have played numerous times over the years. What I didn’t like was they didn’t give you any information on creating your own modules and that the modules were on a fixed, known map. I wanted a system that you could create your own modules and have it work on an arbitrary map. I’ve spent months developing it with earnest work starting in October of 2008 and a workable system being ready in May of 2009. We are currently working up the documentation for the system along with several initial scenarios. We want the VictoryPoints site to be the home for it and for people to produce their own ASGARD projects and post them there.

That said we would love to negotiate with free lance artists to do some artwork. We unfortunately are not able to pay anything for this work but once the website is up we can offer to build up your online presence. For a starting (and starving!) artist like Vince and I this might be a good combination.

More details to follow. I finished the first sample scenario last night in which the players must find a key to open the gate in the wall imprisoning the village. It is a one page scenario that shows how the system can easily maintain complex state.

Leading Edge Alien Warriors for sale – hard to find!

Hello! I am selling off some of the more interesting things from my collection to help pay bills. Today I am selling off Leading Edge’s Alien Warrior set. These are 6 licenced miniatures of the creatures from James Cameron’s film “Aliens.” They are faithful reproductions and in some dynamic poses. I had thought about doing a full scale mockup of the major fights in Aliens and using these but times are hard right now so they must go.

The link above is an eBay auction. If you don’t like eBay and want to tempt them away from me in private contact me and we can see if we can come to a deal. If you are a miniatures collector and have a keen interest in these figures now is the time to get them. I know how hard it was for me to find them the first time around!