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Halo vs. Counterstrike

This video is NOT work friendly. However it is pretty funny and is cutting in its humor as it pokes fun at both games. I have played both games quite significantly. During the heyday of Counter-Strike I did a lot of work with the various bot mods that were out there and eventually it became more about making smarter bots than about playing others online. The problem with playing online is that about 1 in 10 groups you end up with is enjoyable. That is the primary reason the whole concept of clans became a driving force. While Halo 3 doesn’t have clans it does have a dynamic party system. The Butterman are my clan and I never cease to have a few very hearty laughs with those guys when we play. Usually the biggest laughs come when you get the n00b-trashing potty mouth jerks pop into the group via matchmaking and think they can get away with trash-talking a Butterman. That leads to pretty much an endless verbal attack on them. The Butterman aren’t all good players (maybe 3 of us have great skill) but as a social unit we are very tight. We do best in objective games (capture the flag, plant the bomb, territories) because we aren’t all trying to be Han Solo. We work as a team. Excepts Sugarfoot who is his own team – seriously. That guy has the Killing Frenzy merit badge (with 13 clusters!) and Extermination (i.e. he killed off an entire team by himself with 4 of them being killed within 4 seconds of each other.)

I am off from work this week so I hope to be posting more entires here. I’ve got a bunch of games to review and a lot of news left over from Nashcon that I haven’t reported much on yet. So hopefully we will get to it!