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Nashcon PEL updated

HMGS-Midsouth Homepage

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the PEL for Nashcon has been updated with more games and there is now a Flames of War Tournament flyer listing details of that. Looks like we are in for a fun Nashcon this year! There is still time to submit your game.

Battleworks Studios back in Business

Battleworks Studios on Ebay

Jeff Nall of Battleworks Studios has recently informed the world he is back in business. I bought several items from him in 2003 and they are superb. He also donated a ton of ruins for the Greater Pacific War Project which were used in the Marco Polo Bridge game. The link to his auctions shows off his extremely well done pieces all at very reasonable prices (even the buy it now price is fantastic for what you are getting.) Jeff is a tremendous guy and I really could not give him or his products a higher rating. As soon as I saw his post on TMP today I knew I had to publish something to help him out.

Definitely give his wares a view. I am sure that if you contact him he would be more than willing to do custom work for you.

[AT-43] King or Queen of the Hill

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UNA forces detected Therian engineering activity above the treeline on a significant hilltop. The Therians were building something up there. Colonel Stark was handed the job of routing out whatever menace this installation was going to prove to be. Unfortunately, Colonel Stark had been drinking, heavily, the night before. It was evident in the horrible lumbering way he handled Copperhead. More on that later.

Knowing full well that Astis Astarte was in the area Colonel Stark ordered up a Star Team and a Steel Trooper unit, both equipped with triple-lens helmets. He did not want that crazy Therian sneaking up on his units with her grim golems and their active camo. He then requisitioned from M.Ind Copperhead and several firetoads – two with lasers and 1 with grenade launchers. They would come in handy though not in the way that we would have preferred.

Tiamat was leading the local Therian quick reaction team. She but Astis formed the close combat group. Banes and Storm Golems formed the team meant to hold ground. She also had a Poltergeist to fend off massive waves of infantry. Since she did not know where attacks were coming from and because this area of operation contained numerous facilities that needed protection she remained in the valley ready to strike any outpost as needed. Sure enough, the signature of an armor column was hard to miss as it probed the vally opposite an outpost under construction. The fight was on to see if this hill would have a King or a Queen.

Initially the Fire Toads were going to approach the hilltop objective from the left flank and deal with the Banes. The Banes, however, chose to use the cover of the terrain and move without trying to make contact. However the Fire Toads were forced to right face and move on a much more pressing problem. The radio was filled with the anxious shouts of the wing trooper commander. His unit was clearly in a tough situation.

Astis right out of the gate jumped the Wing Troopers. It did not take any time really for her forces to rip through that unit. Realizing the danger Stark ordered the grenade launcher equiped Toad into action. It managed to damage Astis’s unit heavily but not completely. Before they new it she was on the backs of the Steel Troopers. It was not a pretty sight. By the time she was eliminated the Steel Trooper unit was severely damaged.

During all of this Colonel Start was attempting to deal with multiple threats in Copperhead. He did manage to nearly wipe out the Storm Golems with the mortar launcher with one lucky hit but nearly every other shot he fired missed our bounced. The previous evening’s festivities were catching up with him. His missile launcher failed him again and again as he struggled with the controls. Before he knew it Tiamat herself had found his Firetoads and shredded them. Done with that she moved on to the Steel Troopers. There were going to be a lot of letters to be written. Letters about the bravery of his men, with no mention of his absolute stupidity!

The battle was quick and obvious. As soon as he lost control of the battle to Astis Astarte it was over. While he was struggling with disaster Tiamat’s banes were sun bathing on the facility keeping it secure.

Stark withdrew in ignomious defeat.

Many thanks to Mike Pecollo, Nashcon Director, and Al Gaiser for pushing the Therians. I accept all blame for both the cold dice and the bad tactical decisions for the UNA. The battle was a hideous disaster from the begining. Ah well, unlike in real life, I can dust myself off and try it again!

I used the Gale Force 9 AT-43 specific measuring devices and they are great! Here are the two that I own:

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Wings of War Trailer

I just came across the TMP article about the actor from the new Red Barron movie doing a trailer for the Wings of War boardgame (distributed by Fantasy Flight Games in the United States.) If you have not tried WoW yet then check out this video. It is a simple and very fun game. I like air games that are this simple to run! The miniatures look good as well.

Wings of War Video

I’ve previously posted about the Red Barron film. The trailer for it looks quite good. Again, here is the special effect trailer for your enjoyment!

New Website forming:

One of the things that has occured to me after having maintained this blog for nearly 5 years is that it is a treadmill. Any thoughts or ideas tend to stay up about 2 weeks before cycling into the archive. Sure you can search the archive but often unless you know what you are looking for it will just be a random sampling of a stream of consiousness. Which isn’t a bad thing if you are James Joyce but sucks if you are a gamer looking for something specific!

Also, Over my years of gaming I have made lots of gaming resources and rules and taken many photos. I’d like to organize those and have a place to store them. The new web page will let me do that.

Finally I want to open it up. I know other gamers who do the same but don’t have any place to put things so I am going to open it up and create the ability for others to help me manage it and put things online.

The best part is, it will be all free. I plan on making as much of my latest work available and my finished work too. I’ll still maintain the blog as that will be my instentaneous dumping ground and regular spot for news. The file storage and web applications of Victory Points will provide the persistance to give more than just my overblown opinion! Watch this space for news of the opening of Victory Points sometime before Conquest Las Vegas!

Field of Glory

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I got a new set of rules a few weeks ago called Field of Glory. Ok, actually everyone and his brother got these rules. Osprey produced them and they were written by Richard Bodley Scott, Simon Hall and Terry Shaw – all fairly well known figures in Ancients Gaming. Field of Glory is a set of rules for refighting large ancient battles from the dawn of history through the late middle ages. There are a lot of reviews on this system all over the web by people more versed in ancients gaming than I am so I’ll let you google for those instead of my saying anything.

The fact is I love reading about ancient battles from the bible through the Hundred Years War. What fascinates me is that there are still lessons to be learned from these that apply to modern combat. The basic fundamentals of warfare always remain the same. The adventures of Scipio Africanus (235 – 183 BC) in particular gained my attention when I was younger. In college it was the campaigns of Alexander the Great. At that point in time I had just become a miniatures wargamer. Having been introduced to it by Jan Wybese Stiles Spoor (any time you can drop a name like that you should take it!) with whom I still remain in contact. I was later further developed into the hobby by BattleGroup Boston.

When I was at BattleGroup Boston I bought two armies for recreating the Battle of the Hydaspes River. Back then there was WRG and Shock of Impact. Neither one produced a good battle in my opinion. Also back then Ancients wargaming was all about tournaments which didn’t really appeal to me. Ancients Wargaming is still focused on tournaments but the rules have gotten much better. FoG is a clean set of rules that are easy to comprehend. Sure, there are a lot of formations, troop types and tactics but overall if you want to figure something out they have copious diagrams and examples in the rules. I think for this battle it will serve well.

I’ll write more about it as we get closer to the time it can be run. The army lists for this battle haven’t been published yet. I could cobble together my own but not being an expert at this sort of thing and knowing the army list will be here before Nashcon I am definitely willing to wait.

Wireless Helmet and other accessories coming for XBox 360

Here is the latest from Microsoft:

WIDTH=”823″ HEIGHT=”384″ id=”XBOXPROMO”>NAME=”XBOXPROMO” ALIGN=”” TYPE=”application/x-shockwave-flash”

Click Here to see the full size version of this posting. For some reason (I think) won’t let me show the full size version of this.

Looks very classy. It will go well with the Aliens Pulse Rifle from Hollywood Collectables. I wonder what the range is on this thing? If it is 801.11b then I can see fitting a 360 up with a power inverter and a cellular air card so that it could be used in the car. Then using XNA one could give access to news and traffic information over the internet. That would be a pretty sweet setup. Plus having a 360 in the car and a wireless helmet makes you the coolest kid on the block.