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Silent Death Ground Combat Game

Let’s face it. If you have ever played the boardgame Silent Death and liked it you know how much they needed to come out with a game for ground units! Its one of those strange missed opportunities. Or is it? I’ve been thinking… why not just write that game? The basic core SD mechanics could all be used. Add in a few rules for terrain and ways of differentiating vehicles and then come up with some vehicle control sheets and you’ve got yourself a game. The question is, are there enough people out there that enjoyed SD and remember it who would want to check this game out?

I’d love to hear from other fans. – Historical Miniatures, Britannia Miniatures, WWII Miniatures, Vietnam Miniatures – Historical Miniatures, Britannia Miniatures, WWII Miniatures, Vietnam Miniatures

The new site for Wargames is up. This company is continuing the tradition of the original Wargames. Baxter Key and Nancy Tiller are partners running it. Great couple, great company. They have an amazing inventory with a warehouse here in Nashville. If you sign up before February 2nd you will be entered into a contest to win some cool prizes. There is an open house this Saturday as well. I hope to go.

I have no affiliation with Wargames other than being a good friend to Bax and Nancy.

When the apocalypse comes it will be every person for themselves…


28 is not a lot. I mean I was just out at lunch and saw more than 28 kids within 1 mile of my workplace. Hopefully when the apocalypse comes and I do find myself looking at a gang of kids between me and some food/shelter/ammo/medkits I at least know how many I can expect to take on. 28 kids could make 3 squads. If I go for the obvious leaders first I might be able to break the morale of the rest. I wonder how many I would have to break in half over my leg to make the rest hesitate? I wonder how long my leg would hold up to such punishment? Kids are pretty darn rubbery and tough as hell to break over your leg!

Perhaps we need to come up with some rules and paint some figures in order to determine potential strategies… wheels are turning…

Fortifications from War Torn Worlds

War Torn Worlds Defensive Walls

Yesterday I received several pieces of defensive terrain from War Torn Worlds. It is made out of a strong, lightweight material called gypsum. These aren’t new, fresh from the Engineering Corps walls but battle scarred terrain. They are really well done. They are perfect for AT-43 or WH40K or any other science fiction miniatures game. While they are stronger than plaster they do need some care to be taken. I’ve already chipped one of mine.

I also got the tank traps which are very nice. They are large “dragon’s teeth” style vehicle denial emplacements. I also go the field stone walls and those are also very attractive and well made.

I had some issues with my order but the nice people at WTW went out of their way to make this order right. I would like to thank them for their great service. The best way I can help out is to spread the word that they have really nice stuff and that the service is fantastic,

New Goodies

I just got 2 more Hekat Golgoths for AT-43 bringing me up to 3. They are light striders that are very useful. They are the fastest units in the game and though they only have melee attacks they are walking “La Machines” capable of shredding any type of infantry and many types of striders. They throw 4 attacks with a melee value of 6 and a pentration value of 13. Against a firetoad they would through 4 dice x 50% to hit and 66.6% to penetrate. You can expect 1 1/3rd hits mathmatically. Against infantry units though these things are monsters. When they charge you, if they impact any of your heavy weapons carriers, those guys are killed outright. Then there is a chance anyone else they hit are either displaced or killed. Survivors are then engaged by its scythe blades… chances are your unit is an ugly mess.

I also got some bunker terrain. I have’t looked at it yet but I’ll get some pictures up soon. Things are pulling together nicely for ConQuest.

Tomorrow night we start Descent up again. I’ve been working on a master rulebook for Descent that combines all three books from the game and the 2 expansions. It will definitely help ALL of us play the game better.


Confrontation: TaoR

It’s hard to not have been involved in the miniatures hobby, no matter your stripe, and not heard about Confrontation miniatures. They are cartoony, gothic, spectacular, “best of” figures made in France. The game in it’s first couple of incarnation wasn’t really all that appealing to me – perhaps due to some bad rules translations but the figures blew me away. I bought a LOT of them back in the day. I’ve painted a few but not a lot.

Confrontation 3rd Edition was very nicely done however and I became interested. I still didn’t bite as I was working on the Greater Pacific War project. Time has been kind though. Now that I am fully invested in AT-43 Rackham has gone out and made the new Confrontation similar in many respects to AT-43. The starter set is, I think, superior to the one for AT-43. The figures are freaking gorgeous too. There aren’t many availabe yet but they clearly have learned their lessons with AT-43 as these new figs are quite nice.

I will have a review of the rules in a later post. They play similarily to AT-43, but maybe at a slightly more epic level. I will say now that it is hard to find things in the rules because there is no index. They also don’t have the glossary that was in AT-43 (with page numbers refering back to the relevent rule…) These are hardly nit-picks. When you are learning the rules it makes it very painful and slows the first few games down terribly. Now for the advanced player it isn’t as big an issue.

I am including here a picture of some figures I painted from my metal confrontation collection. Snipers baby. Reach out and touch somebody with a lead ball!

Click image for an enlargement.

Vegas — the name means a lot of things to people. It’s the town with the motto: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Well I don’t know if that is always true or not. What will be happening on April 18th – 20th will be ConQuest, a gaming convention attended by yours truely. Now, yes, I could go to Origins or one of the HMGS East conventions but this one is special. My good friend Chris Richardson wanted MORE GAMING in his life. Am I the person to say “No” to such a request? Oh hell no.

Conquest is being held at Bally’s. Bally’s is between Old and New Vegas. Does that mean on one side I’ll have Suburban Dorks and on the other Mobsters? Hell if I know. It seems like a nice hotel though. It is described as Mid-Strip so it sounds like the whole of Vegas will be available to me which I like. I’ve been to Vegas once and had fun. I don’t gamble but there is a lot to see and do in Vegas that doesn’t involve handing over money EVERY time I roll dice!

So I am thinking we have to have a party in my room once the regular gaming is over for the day. What do you think?

Casey Jones better watch your speed

This is a screen shot from my handheld GPS. I was on a jet and wasn’t sure if it would work. Note the max speed is 644 miles per hour! The speed of sound is 770 miles per hour so we were pushing the limits of the airframe! The listed max for the 737 is 0.82 or 631.4 miles per hour.

What does this have to do with gaming? Mainly it is why I am NOT gaming. I’ll be busy for the next couple week or so.

However I do have some gaming bits to chat about briefly. I am redoing the HMGS Mid-South website soon. I have some direction from the President on what needs to be fixed up. I hope to leave it better than I found it. During my down time this week I plan on creating the new pages and improving the overall layout a bit. Nothing really new will be added – I just hope to clean up the look a bit.

I got some new expansion packs for Runebound – 2 of the new alternate adventures and 2 packs of new equipstuff and cannon fodder (aka allies!). They look pretty good actually. Oddly to date I’ve only played the Isle of Dread alternate adventure. I’ve got about 4 alternative adventure packs. They all replace events and ending of the original game. If you haven’t tried Runebound you should definitely check it out. Its a great game system. I will warn you that it bogs down when there are 4+ players. There are ways of speeding it up but it is generally expected to take 5-8 hours to play. 2 players can finish the game in 2-3 hours which is how I’ve played it mostly.

I’m in need of some cheap AT-43 Succubusi. I could use 2 more, but preferably I would like 5 more. At retail prices that would be a lot of money. If anyone knows of a sale pass the word on! And yes this does have a bit to do with ConQuest in Las Vegas! More to follow!