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A Day at Gen Con « Chicago Terrain Factory

A Day at Gen Con « Chicago Terrain Factory

CTF is one of my favorite gaming blogs. They have a great report on GenCon I suggest you check out. Looks like it was fun!

The Red Baron is coming to Theaters Soon

Hell, not soon enough. I can’t wait to see this.

Oh and as to why this page has been quite the past two weeks it has been incredibly hot and I’ve made almost no progress on my projects. The hotest day I’ve ever seen in Tennessee (109) was just a few days ago.

Enjoy the clip! I think this Red Baron movie will be great – at least for the air combat sequences. The rest of it might be Pearl Harbor stupid but I’ll forgive it. Pearl Harbor was a good movie for at least 45 minutes, right?

The Many Things I Saw at Historicon 2007

Well I am back from Historicon. I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones alike. I got to play in Scott Fisher’s “Check Your Six!” games. I like the system. For those looking for a game with a medium-realistic system this is the one. While I of course love Wings of War (WWI) and Dawn of War (WWII), they are aircombat-lite. CY6 is definitely a nice step up.

The game that defines realism for aircombat, flight physics, etc. is still Airforce (and its pacific follow on Dauntless). However that system is a bit chart heavy. My friend Rohn thinks that with the age of the cheap PDA’s the mechanics of that system should be brought back and simplified with background calculations done by the handheld.

CY6 has “just enough” physics to make it realistic. I heartily recommend you check it out if WWII Air strikes your fancy. I just picked up Dawn of War and had fun with it. The rules require several rereads and I suggest planning your first couple of games as learning experiences. This is especially true if you have played any of the WWI varients of the same game since the mechanics differ enough to give it a steep learning curve. Once you figure out how to read the cards and what the limitations are the game is fun and fast playing.

When it came to shopping I bought almost exclusively for Old West gaming. I don’t know what happened other than I read the books out for Warhammer Historicals Legends of the Old West (LotOW) and loved them. I saw the Quick Reaction rules at Historicon (and played in an All Things Zombie based on the same core system) and I’ve played Desperado I thru III many, many times and I find the LotOW to be superior.

What I espeically like is the lite role play integrated into the system. It encourages playing multiple scenarios and improving your Posse. Also they have handled the treatment of Native Americans with respect. There are variations for different tribes and a good discussion about their approach to combat.

In other news I got a new car. I ended up going with the Honda CR-V. It has great space in the back for hauling games! I am sure it will make an appearence on this blog soon. I will also write more about how things have progressed with my “Day at the Zoo” game.