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Alliance and Empire Preview 3

Alliance and Empire Preview 3

Wow – the new Star Wars miniatures release from Wizards looks like absolute shite. I mean, these are their previews to intice us in? Look at previews 1 and 2. They are no better. I have a standing order for a case or two of each new release and I think I’ll be skipping this one until I’ve seen more of what is in it.

This is very disappointing. I have literally hundreds of figures from this line and am the easiest sell for this stuff but they’ve lost me on this one.

Perhaps it is time to check out AT-43.

Marco Polo Bridge Scenario 2007

We are coming up on the 70th anniversary of the battle this July and I’ve been updating my boards, adding figures and in general getting ready for Nashcon and Historicon where I hope to run this game.

Marco Polo Bridge April 2007

Click on the above to see many photos from this game!

This past weekend I ran the updated scenario at HMGS Mid-South. I didn’t like the results though the game was fun. The problem is that, while I gave the Japanese an extra platoon, the Chinese initial start positions were too strong and this kept the Japanese from making any encroachment whatsoever on the Chinese “Spawn Points” as I’ve been referring to them. This even though they had artillery, vehicle superiority and better troops. They did kill lots of Chinese (about 3:1) but even so the Chinese reinforcements kept them relegated to the first 3rd of the board for most of the game. I am glad I ran this now as it gives me time to fix the game when I run it at Nashcon. I am looking forward to that!


The Sand Beneath the Bridge

WATER IS LIFE: Where China’s Rivers Run Dry

I came across this blog posting that mentioned the Marco Polo Bridge as it is today. The river beneath it is bone dry and non-existant. Its amazing. A raging river and military obstacle on one century and a dust plain the next. The power of Man to change the environment is amazing.

YouTube – Theatre of War – Promo Fun Movie

YouTube – Theatre of War – Promo Fun Movie:


Marco Polo Bridge Incident – 2007

I’ve been working on my boards and has been working on my figures! I have now 2 full platoons of Japanese Infantry and 1 platoon of mixed vehicles. Against them are a mish mash of Chinese vehicles and a giant sized platoon of 45 figures plus lots of specialists. I can’t wait to run this. I am running it on April 12th at HMGS-MS out on Trousdale Ave, Nashville at Gaiserco. It will be fun if I can get enough players.

I think I will get the players I need though. It should be fun!