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Gettysburg (Dramatized) — Jerry Robbins

Gettysburg (Dramatized) — Jerry Robbins

Well look what I found in MP3 format no less – a radio play I acted in! Its a bit funny hearing my voice from almost 8 years ago. This was a tremendous amount of fun to be in. The history is pretty good. A few liberties were taken with the events on Little Round Top with Lieutenant Patton but otherwise its a well researched and produced audio play. You can listen to an extensively long sample on the website as well.

Check it out!

Echo Base – Hoth System

Pete English and I played a fan-created map released about a year ago. The version we used was printed at CafePress and rocked the house! It was beautiful. Its a fun map to say the least.
Using Luke on Taun-Taun, Princess Leia Rebel Hero, Han Solo Rebel Hero and various Hoth soldiers plus some pilots and Wedge we faced off waves of Snow Troopers and their gear with a late entry by Ole Darth himself. It was a close battle with Luke getting schooled by Snow Troopers early on. C3-PO Really did a marvelous job of absorbing hits and R2-D2 was used to hold back the 501st’s attempt at running through interior rooms. Battles definitely develop in stages on this map and I am sure you could easily put 200 points of troops per side here.
I would probably like a version of the map without the snow speeders as I have three of my own anyway. I am not a big fan of having stuff on the map that I have in my collection and prefer the 3D miniatures over the map any day!
The quality of the artwork is impressive. If you are looking for a new map to play on this one is great! The same author has produced some other maps including a double sized map of the Death Star!
If you like Star Wars, either role playing or miniatures gaming this is definitely a must get.