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Where the hell have I been

Hello all,
I’ve been away from this blog since basically the Summer. I missed Fall In! this year and have not been active in the gaming scene for ages. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that work has gotten very interesting and intense. I got a promotion and a raise (they don’t always go hand in hand now do they!). I’ve gotten to travel a lot because of that and have been to various military bases and national labs around the country. Its been a great time – excepts that I don’t have much time to play a lot of games, paint lead, etc. Nothing has happened with the Greater Pacific War project and I think the website might be having difficulties – not that it got a lot of traffic to begin with. I did hear from Historicon and they made some requests for 2007 so I will look into doing something for that.

This past weekend I started my first miniatures project in ages. I sat down with my copy of the 2nd edition of “The Japanese Art of War” and pondered how I was going to complete it. I’ve come up with a number of improvements I would like to implement – especially the use of language. Lets face it the terms Offensive Opportunity and OO and Defensive Opportunity and DO just don’t make for easy reading or comprehension for first time readers. So, I am going to try to work the language down to something easier to get a handle on. The mechanics will remain faithful. The second edition version I have is much more mechanically clean than the version freely available out on the web. The main thrust of the 2nd edition is not to clean up the rules though (this would only be worthy of 1.5 if it was just those changes) but to fully integrate a campaign system. The campaign system I have in mind is a melting pot of ideas and its primary attributes will be low record keeping, fun operation, no GM and modular. I want campaigns that have a story to tell and thus allow people to create their own. I want the battles to be fun and somewhat even – i.e. you will never get one side outnumbering the other by some devastating amount.

The rule mechanics are ready for the battle game, what needs to be added are longer descriptions, introductions, designer notes, sidebars and so forth – stuff that writes itself. The campaign system is in outline format currently – with a more fully realized design ready to go for my Star Wars Miniatures Battles stuff. I won’t be releasing that system as its just for fun between friends and I (and would require more work from a legal standpoint to release than is worth my time). The system is fun though. It really takes advantage of letting players call the shots.

In other news for those who don’t know, I was accidentally “blinded” in my left eye in an accident (badly scratched cornea). I have had surgery (PKR) to fix it and my vision is coming back. My total vision right now is about 20/25 in both eyes with improvements every day. The injury and the surgery were very painful but even that is under control. I am grateful for the support I’ve gotten from friends, family and loved ones. I will be supporting the Wang Vision Institutes’ Eye Ball next year and volunteering for the effort as much as possible. I am very grateful to Dr. Ming Wang whose skill, bed side manner and intellect saved my eye sight and corrected my vision. I’ll post more details at a later date.

I did create a new video in the past few months. I took a song done up by Jay-Z and Linkin Park called Numb/Encore and added video, mainly from Iraq. Please take a moment to check it out:

Numb/Encore in Iraq