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Nashcon almost here, some great news!

I just got some great news. My friend Rohn will be joining myself and Pete English Memorial Day weekend. I can’t wait. All three of us have been friends for decades. Pete and I met in High School and Rohn met both of us in college. We’d meet at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to play war games with BattleGroup Boston and the MIT Gaming Society. Ah such heady days.

Rohn is an Air Traffic Controller with many years of service under his belt at BOS ATC. Unfortunately there are a few guys in his center who have even more years on him. This year has been rough on Rohn as he low enough on the Totem pole to have trouble getting time off to game. In fact this year was going to be the year without a convention but with some luck he managed to get a day off and also got to postpone a training session – so, he’ll be here. I can’t wait. It will be good having my friends here help me with my games.

I suspect come Friday I will be doing a lot of last minute detail work on the game and I will put them to the task of helping me finish off anything left to do. I still have work to do on the buildings like, oh say, PAINTING THEM. Other than that most of the hard work is done. The vehicles are 90% done. The figures are 95% done. The boards representing the town are close to completion too. The buildings have been the most difficult to finish.

I am still not sure if I will have time to throw together the final bits to make Iwo Jima happen at Nashcon. I really want to do something with it. We will just have to see. If I can’t run Iwo Jima then I will re-run the Marco Polo Bridge Incident game again.

Fernando Enterprises Pulls Through!

Fernando Enterprises – miniature painting service – Sri Lanka

I have been hearing about Fernando Enterprises for a very long time. At least 2 years ago a friend showed me some figures he had painted by them and he highly recommended them. I had considered it but never really taken the opportunity to really look into it. I had a local painter that does a fantastic job at a reasonable price.

Then the Greater Pacific War Project hit and I ended up with such a mountain of lead that I had few options. I split the task of painting the figures between my local guy and Fernando. I shipped about 300 figures to Sri Lanka with photos of what the uniforms should look like.

Before that occured though I wrote to find out price and time. It turns out they were not able to get my stuff done in time for Nashcon. However, its a global market economy. Often times what can’t be done in the standard way can be done if there is incentive. So, I did what any good capitalist would do. I offered more money. With more money they would be able to pay the workers a higher rate or get another worker. They accepted and the job got done. In fact the figures arrived earlier than agreed upon.

Now, you may have it in your mind that since wargaming doesn’t exist in Sri Lanka by evidence of no gaming companies and a poor economy that they won’t paint the figures to a good standard. You may think that the trade off for the price you pay is average workmanship. I am here to tell you that is not the case. I sent them photos of 60mm sized museum quality miniatures to show them what the uniforms should look like – how the camo pattern looked and how the overall figure should be colored. By God if they didn’t make my 20mm figures look exactly like the 60mm figures. All the way down to the actual colors used in the photograph were used by their artists.

I can’t tell you how amazed I was when I got the package. I should also note that they have the figures each individually bagged for safe transport. There isn’t a broken gun, bent figure or scratched paint chip in the whole lot. We are talking a reinforced company of figures here, not just a squad.

Adding up the shipping and the credit card sur-charge the price I paid was a little more per figure than I can get locally. However, the quality of the job, the speed in which they did it, the fantastic communication they continued with me from start to finish – you can’t put a price on that.

I fully recommend Fernando Enterprises. Watch the Greater Pacific War page for photos of the figures.

Later, I will also talk about the amazing service I’ve gotten from – they did a brilliant job on my Japanese and “Photo” Dave Crenshaw, my local painter who did the other half of the Fernando shipment. Hat tip to both!

[TMP] "Armor for Chinese Nationalist Army" Topic

[TMP] “Armor for Chinese Nationalist Army” Topic

A very good thread on the KMT’s armor during WWII. Check it out for some great links!

Never Say Die!

Ok, I’ve been thinking hard. I have to do an Iwo Game at Nashcon. Its just plain and simple. When I thought about it I realized I don’t have to do the monster game I have planned. I just have to throw together something reasonable with the same flavor. In fact given the smaller nature of Nashcon vs. Historicon I am going to need to keep it small anyway.

Here are some ideas I am proposing to use at the Nashcon game:

0 Fixed schedule of reinforcements
0 1 Marine Platoon vs. 3 bunkers and popups
0 Limited Naval and Air Support
0 Bunkers will be similar to the type I will be using at Historicon
0 Missions: at fixed times the Marine player will be issued micro-missions. In reading on Iwo I came across some interesting stories about things units would get asked to do. It wasn’t just walk forward and take every bunker you see. Sometimes there would be specific missions they’d be asked to perform.

I know I can do it. I pulled together a fairly decent looking game last night when I came home with just some terrain I had laying around. I realized I could make something that was decent. I didn’t need to make something perfect.

I am very excited for Nashcon. I hope a lot of people attend. I have always had a good time at this convention. I am happy that the Greater Pacific War Project will make its first appearence there!

Iwo Jima at Nashcon

I am thinking about dropping my Iwo Jima game at Nashcon. The problem I am having is I have a lot of work to do on my other game still and the rules for the Iwo game are still in flux. Its a hard decision to make actually. I think Iwo is going to be the most fun of the two games. However its very intensive in the terrain building department. The Marco Polo bridge game is as well. However its better to get one done very well than to show up with two half finished games.

It gives me more time prior to Nashcon to figure out more of the rules and special events planned for that game. The more I read the more great ideas that come to me.

Who knows, there might be a miracle and I get enough done that I can put on a presentable game. I might take the figures and some of the test terrain and put on a non-Iwo game. It will all befigured out over the next few weeks.

I am really happy with the way the buildings are coming out for the Marco Polo game and hope people really enjoy what I have done for that one.