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Aircraft Markings

Aircraft Markings

Here is a cool website that shows the history of American aircraft markings. I think its a useful resource to anyone interested in modeling. A good read and a great, simple layout!

Iwo Jima – The Flag Raisers

Iwo Jima – The Flag Raisers

This site has pictures of the Flag Raisers at Iwo Jima and tells about what happened to them in later life. Not everything goes rosey for a hero.

You can read a lot about battles, equipment, tactics, organization and so forth but it really comes down to people, thrown into the God-Awful nightmare of battle. They had lives before the battle and, if they survive, lives afterwards and later in life the battle becomes a story and a stop along the road to who they become. I feel it was that way with my Grandfather, who served at Tarawa. He talked about it a lot, but I think as interesting as it was his character was only partly influenced by it.

New Tools, New Injuries!

So, it just so happens that hot and molten metal while flying in the air has an aestetic to it and inherent beauty. It also can penetrate skin and leave metal slivers where you don’t want them. I have one in my thumb that will eventually work its way out. I hope. That’s just a theory.

I did more work on the flight stands. They are coming along nicely. Using a Dremel with a cutting blade to saw through the zinc rod is actually easy and fun but those sparks are bad. Try using an oven mitt. Sam Scott suggested to me the ones with kitties on them have the most protective power. YMMV.

I found an interesting device at Home Depot called a copper tube bender. There are lots of benders out there but this one was simple and cheap – just like me. I also got some 1/4″ threaded rod for the larger air craft. The copper tube bender did a great job on the zinc rod so I will write that up in the tutorial as well. I am really excited about that. This aspect of the project has really gone well. Only a few bits and pieces have broken off the air craft models and I’ve lost no blood. Absolutely None, and when I say none, I mean there is a certain amount, more than we are prepared to admit…

Hopefully the stands will be finished this weekend with the tutorial available by Sunday night. This Saturday I have people coming over my place for a game of Arkham Horror and Saturday Night is Baxter’s Birthday. I may have to show up late but since when was I ever early for anything?

Oh and here is a link to oven mitts that I think Sam Scott would approve of!