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Day of Battle

Day of Battle Rules

Back when I was 15 the first hobby store I ever went to that sold miniatures was called “The Toy Soldier.” I met Mr. Chris Parker, proprietor, there. He even sold me my first set of miniatures rules, WRG moderns. It was an exciting day and I loved playing games with those rules.

Chris is active in many things. He has a family, he is into music and plays trumpet in a band, he reads a lot of history and he is on his 3rd edition of his feudal mass combat rules. Chris wrote the venerable set of rules know as Knighthood and the Middle Ages (KATMA to those in the know) which eventually led to the superior product known as “Day of Battle.”

This set of rules is very different from other sets. Its a miniatures game, to be sure, but it is integrated with a sort of role play aspect (you have a character) and there is also an integrated campaign system. Its really quite amazing. This edition, the third (in beta) is very streamlined and a superior set of rules. Game play is perhaps not fast but its also not “one-brain cell required.” There is a lot of strategy you need to understand. But learning it is half of the fun.

I got the beta rules at Cold Wars. I’ll write more about the experience of playing a game at some point. Perhaps one of my local readers will be interested in giving them a whirl?


Puttin’ vids up on seems to be an interesting site. It allows you to upload videos that are no longer than 10 minutes in length and no bigger than 100mb. I uploaded the Operation Market Garden Teaser which you can watch. It doesn’t seem to be of the same quality as the original video but it is in front of potentially millions of other eyeballs so lets see what happens. If anything I could do some creative stuff with the site. Who knows, it may bring some attention to this blog, to the GPW project or to the documentary itself.

I have also considered that perhaps I could put the documentary up there in segments if I can’t sell it. What do you think? Comments please!


So who is up for a game of Doom soon? I’ve got the game plus the expansion and I just need 3 more players! Email Me and lets figure out when and where!

Command Decision 4

I found this article (click headline for link) in the Seattle Weekly about Command Decision. I got to play CD4 Beta this past weekend at Cold Wars. Mr. Jake Strangeway threw together a game that was very attractive to look at. The game play was pretty good too. It still takes about 15 minutes to play a full turn of CD but in the 4th edition the rules are very streamlined without giving up much detail. I think overall they play much better. CD 1 and 2 were my big favorites in the 80’s for playing WWII. Some people absolutely HATE the game, but at least one that I know of tried version 4 and declares he likes it.

I am not sure when the 4th edition is coming out but I suggest if you like operational level WWII games you should give this a look.

Cold Wars 2006 Wrap Up

Cold Wars 2006 has come and gone. I wanted to get there Thursday night but with things being hectic at work that was canceled. I did fly in on Saturday morning, stayed the night and then flew home Sunday night. It was a fun convention. They had over 2000 attendees. It was a good show. I will keep this short since I am still tired.

One big of really good news is that I got to speak with Mr. Larry Bond, the well known author and one of the guys that came up with the admiralty series of games by Clash of Arms. They want to run their games in coordination with the project. That will bring us up to a presence of 17 games at Historicon. This is good. This is very good. They have another author they want to sponsor coming to Historicon. The project will probably kick in to help with that. Lets hope that we can do something. The buzz is very positive for the Greater Pacific War Project and with fine people like Mr. Bond becoming interested I think its really a going to be a great time.

I’ll post more regularly now that things at work have gotten quiet and Cold Wars is out of the way.

Color of Guadalcanal LST’s?

[TMP] “Color of Guadalcanal LST’s?” Topic

Sam Scott asks if there were camo LST. At first I couldn’t find anything but then I did find pictures of these camo LSTs! Score one for the Greater Pacific War Project! I’ll cross post this in the forums.

Japan – Tanks and SPGs

This is a great site to get data about Japanese tanks! Just the thing to check out after you order from Brigade Games! 😉

And in case you are wondering, yeah, I am pretty excited!


Finally! Brigade Games’ Type 97 Te-Ke Tanklette out soon!

I’ve been waiting impatiently ages for this. I’ve been bugging the heck out of Lon Weiss at Brigade Games every other week – are they ready yet?!? Finally he told me not only will the Te-Ke be ready but the Ha-Go as well. I have my Chi-Ha’s already so this is just icing on the cake!

Lon also tells me there will be 12 new Marine figures at Cold Wars and 12 new Japanese figures. I was ever so predictable in telling him to hold some for me!

If you have never shopped with Brigade Games you owe it to yourself to give them a look.

New Shirts Available – Store Redesign

Greater Pacific War Project :

I redesigned the store, set up some new products and got the two new shirt designs put together. There is a lot to choose from now in gift shop. Each purchase contributes a dollar or two to the project! Check it out you might find something you like!

Two new shirt designs


Here are two new shirt designs we are working on. One is for the Iwo Jima game and one is for the Marco Polo Brige game. The MPB design is based on the one we currently have with a little less layering to keep the images and the text from competing so much. I am much happier with this new design and I really like the Iwo Design a lot too. What do you think? Posted by Picasa