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DH/C7B – reconstituted infantry follow up behind the Sherman. Previously their unit had been destroyed by aggressive German action.
Photo by Pete

Push the Line

In this scenario, the U.S. player has to get 2 Sherman Easy 8’s off the board. The German is in command mainly of Fallschrimjaegers and their job is to destroy the Shermans. At their disposal are 2 LMG sections, one with a flammenwerfer attached and the other with a Panzerschreck attached. There is also an Observation Post that is calling in fire for a 75mm I.G., a sniper, a PzIV ausf H and of course the platoon HQ. The Germans start hidden.

The American have a reinforced platoon. While they don’t seem to have as good morale they definitely have firepower in large ammounts. Once the Sherman’s come on board its interesting – if the U.S. loses them it’s game over. If the U.S. waits they lose out on potential fire support.

Over all the game went pretty well. The tank duels were pathetic. It was partly due to bad die rolling. There wasn’t a single solid hit in the game. The closest we came was a hit by a Sherman against a tred on the MkIV and even then the damage roll came up no effect!

We even had multiple shots with bazooka and Panzerschreck with no effect! In one case it was the shruzen skirts that saved the PzIV from a solid Bazooka hit.

Compared to the first game we played this one wasn’t as bloody though it started pretty damn bloody. A recon team came onto the board first from the American’s and promplty spotted the PzIV which then snap fired on them and eliminated the unit. That set the tone for the rest of the game. The Infantry from the US then piled on in an attempt to take out the PzIV forcing it from its perch and onto the board.

I did mess with the rules a little bit in this game in that I let the Germans start hidden. I feel that this made for a more interesting game and forced the US players to be more cautious. All in all game play was at a very high level with the US player working towards and achieving their victory conditions.

The German players had a good setup but just couldn’t catch a break.


Disposable Heroes rocks!

Well I managed to run my first real game of DH/C7B and it was very successful. I did come across some issues however. Perhaps there can be some clarification.

We had a situation where Germans were holed up in a ruined building and an Easy 8 rolled up. It direct fired at the building. What ACC mods are there? We could not find one so we took it as a straight up role, ACC 5. The roll was successful so we applied the AP of 2 (I think) against each soldier in the unit in the building. Am I correct that if there is more than one unit in the building you pick which
unit you are firing at?

There also doesn't seem to be any form of opportunity fire for vehicles in the game. This became critical because it was obvious that a tank could cross 12" of open ground on one part of the board about 14" in front of a tank watching that ground and then end up out of LOS and thus be safe. Am I wrong on this?

Also, can vehicle machine guns snapfire? I ruled that they can if the vehicle acquires the target first.

When a unit snapfires is it subject to the rule about only half the unit being able to shoot? I ruled that that was true.

Artillery spotters can't seem to correct in this game. One German observation team had the worst luck trying to roll a '3' to get the target. One would think that each further attempt it should get better. +2 per turn should not be unbalancing I would think. Also, this is not like the static +2 for vehicles but stacking. Finally, once on target you should be able to keep calling in the strike without a roll on the same location. Just a thought.

My next post will be more about the scenario and how it played out.