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Met with Baxter and Al Today

Today I got a good look at the space I will be using to build the terrain for my contribution to The Big Project.  A discussion with Al Gaiser and Baxter Key about the realities of wargaming Iwo Jima went well.  While it does seem daunting we all decided it was doable.  Iwo Jima will be 16’ x 6’ x 2-3’.

For the early period (i.e. 30’s China) Al suggested I contact Howard Whitehouse.  He is known for doing unusual games and is a master terrain builder.  Hopefully I will get some contact info for him soon so I can ask him for advice on scenario, terrain, figures, etc.

Everyone I involve in this seems to be getting excited about it.  I personally feel a lot more at ease with this each time someone shows interest so it makes me enormously happy.  The next big phase will be getting sponsors.  The next small thing to get done is to make a 90 second trailer for the Operation Market Garden documentary.

Here is the new main logo for the website we are building. The image comes to us from a wartime manual the U.S. Government put out to describe the Japanese and their equipment. it came from the Military Intelligence Service and is quite an interesting document.
Photo by Pete

The Team is set for the BIG PTO Project!

The most exciting thing about this weekend is knowing that my core team is ready for the giant Greater Pacific War project. Here is the rundown:

  • Pete English: Lead GM.
  • Sam Scott: Rules Advisor
  • Martin Baber: Terrain Advisor
  • Baxter Key: Lead miniatures advisor and industry liason

These 4 guys are my backbone on this project. They are going to help make it magnificent. I am also hopeful I can recruit Mr. Sean Barnett for naval action and Mr. Michael Sammarco for running his 28mm Tarawa game. If you have never played in one of his games you are missing out. He does a fantastic job!

I am very excited about this project, no doubt, and each day that things get check off the list the happier and more excited I become. I am sure now, with this team, that I can make it all happen. That is a great thing!

No doubt there is a lot of work ahead of us but we are going to get it done. One of the first things on the list is getting the Operation Market Garden video finalized for airing and then selling from the website. Money from that will help fund a professional documentary on this project which will also be aired and sold on DVD.

It will only happen with hard work though. So here is too the project. Pretty soon the Press Release will be ready and off we are to the races. There are only 10 months until Historicon! :: View topic – Six Minute Soviets (Image Heavy)

Six Minute Soviets

Most impressive! This guy did 101 miniatures, 15mm in under 10 hours of work. That is from box to base. I am always impressed by people who can complete a project like that so quickly.

I hope some aspects of my own campaign to do the Pacific theater go as quickly!

New Pacific Project coming

Pretty soon there will be an announcement on The Miniatures Page concerning a new mega project for me. It will concern itself with gaming the Pacific Theater of Operations. I will initially start with an American point of view but will eventually cover the war before the American’s got invovled and theaters the American’s didn’t fight in.

This project will be pretty big. I have a lot of figures painted for it already. They need to be based. I think the first part of the project I will be doing is going over my basing techniques. I have some ideas for Guadal Canal though I am not sure I am going to do that first. I have various landing craft i’d like to use. Well, I guess it will be decided after I’ve done a little bit of research. I am curious about a great deal of things concerning the Great Pacific War.

My goal is to really excite people about the period. I think a lot has been done and said about the European Theater but the Pacific has been largely ignored. Its time that changed!

E8 rounds the corner as infantry attempts to jump out of the way.
Photo by Pete

Well here is a scene from my latest WWII film… oh wait! Its from the latest game we played! Not something a tanker wants to see. Trust me on this!
Photo by Pete

This Panzerschreck team took a serious licking but kept in the fight. They managed a few good shots at the Easy 8’s but were unable to do much in the way of damage.
Photo by Pete

Two U.S. units ran into a heap of trouble taking this building. In this photo the MMG is still active but the bodies of A squad and a recon section litter the place. Two Easy 8’s have shown up and are currently working on reducing the enemy presence. “Betty”, the E8 on the right, braved a flamethrower unit to get in close. Both tanks later survived the fight!
Photo by Pete

Here is the HMGS-Mid South crew playing Disposable Heroes. The primary push ended up on the far left side of the board.
Photo by Pete