Archives for August 2005


Got my Flying Mule order. Came within a week, it was well packaged and everything was great. Actually everything was amazing! I love the IXO Models Stuka with 37mm guns. The Messerschmitt Gustav from Witty is wonderful and the Dragon Wings FW 190A-3 is very good as well. Unfortunately, NONE of them fit on the flight stands I have. I don’t have very wide posts and yet they are all too big. So, my next project for them is to find a way I can stand them on the table.

I got two batches of figures back from David Crenshaw and Paul Potter. Both did superb work painting up my figures. I have been basing and organizing them in my spare time this week. It looks like I will have a public game on Sept 4th or 11th (probably the 11th). I’ll Write how that goes!

Star Wars

OK, as some of you know, I have a great love for Star Wars (warts and all.) The Universe boosters came out this past week which contains the large figs. I got 2 cases and was very happy with what I found in them. The basic figures are really nice and the large ones vary from OK to Fantastic. I think the AT-ST’s are only OK but you have to consider that I have a professionally made model that I’ve been using for something like 6 months now. Most of the other models are pretty cool. I am looking forward to doing some big battles soon as well as skirmish.

I lucked out with one booster when I got 2 (two) Very Rare’s (obi on Bogo and General Akbar.) I also ended up having doubles of both so I have those to trade among many others. If you collect the WotC Star Wars collectible miniatures you should contact me and see what kind of trades we can do.

Other News

Well it looks like Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike has come out. The missions are fun but they have placed so many ammo crates on the maps its rediculous. They did make a couple of maps harder by not allowing you to swap weapons with the enemy (its during a sandstorm so I assume the weapons get lost in the blowing dust is the general idea.) I haven’t played any of the maps on-line yet since I like to learn them first hand. However its a lot of fun and I suspect that online play is going to rock because the maps are quite intricate.

For now thats the news!