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Diecast Airplanes at The Flying Mule: Collectible diecast model airplanes from Corgi, Dragon Models, Matchbox, Model Power and other die cast airplane ranges.

This company has a great selection of 1:72 aircraft. I just bought a bunch to do Disposable Heroes with. I can’t wait to get them. I bought just fighters but I am hoping to later pick up some bombers. They quality of the newest diecast stuff is quite high. Martin Baber and Sam Scott both used diecast for some aircraft and vehicles in their Operation Market Garden game and it fit in very nicely. In some cases, repainting the figures is the way to go. In others, leave them as they are. I am very much looking forward to my shipment and I’ll write about how that goes.

YodasNews: Gallery of Star Wars HUGE set coming out end of Summer

Ohhh this stuff looks like its going to Kick Ass…

The AT-AT is going to burn a big hole in my wallet. Along with AT-ST’s to go with the one I already have.

Some of the figs look crappy but, hey, par for course with this line. Some look great. As always expect me to get the whole shootin’ match.

[TMP] “Discount Hobby “Retooling”!” Topic

Discount Hobby is dropping Reaper from their lineup. They have lots of other stuff though. I’ve ordered from them 3 times and each time was a joy. They really came through on the big orders. Check them out. They have one of the WORST websites but the service is great.

Disposable Heroes + Coffin for Seven Brothers

I just got this set of rules. I’ve read them once and am on my 2nd pass. I must say I really like them. They are streamlined for 1:1 Platoon and Company sized battles.

One gripe I have is that they explain themselves within the rules. I don’t mind designers notes but leave them in an appendix at the end. Rule writers should be seen and not heard. 😉 Well, I think you get my meaning. Basically I like the rules to be as clean as possible. If you really need to explain something, save it for the end. The worst offender of this style is Jon Tuffley. I love the guy but he rambles within the rules and thats nearly unforgivable.

However, for the most part they aren’t wordy which is good. Plus the rules are complete – in that they seem to cover out of the box just about every situation you’d want the main rules to cover. Sure, they will add a lot more modules and I am looking forward to them, but for now I can run some pretty darn complex games with what we have here.

I will have more to say once I get a playtest in. For the most part I am excited by these rules and hope to give them a good run through.