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Nashcon AAR

My friend’s Pete and Rohn came down for Nashcon 2005 and we had an absolute blast. The weather was perfect and the convention was fun. I ended up working the desk for 2 hours which was nice. I got a lot of work done for a project involving data visualization using satelite imagery. That was fun and I had a few onlookers checking it out. The demo was this past Monday and was a big hit so we can thank Nashcon for giving me some time to flesh out a few bits of code. I always like working the desk. If its busy you get to meet gamers. If it is not busy you can do other things. The last time I worked a desk at Historicon I got a dozen figures painted.

At this show I got to meet a fellow by the name of Bryant Williams who was going through his collection of figures and selling off stuff he didn’t want so he could concentrate on stuff he did want. I totally agree with that. I’ve been taking my figures that are languishing unpainted and packaging them up and giving them to local painters who could use the work. I just got back a bunch from David Crenshaw and they are beau-T-ful. Very nicely done. Hope to get a copy of Disposable Heroes soon and give them a run through.

My favorite game at Nashcon was Kirk Harris’s WWII Direct from Detroit game. I’ll post pictures when I get them d/l’d onto this box.