Archives for October 2003

Target Re-Acquired!

Wow! It’s been forever since I posted here. A lot has gone on so let me bring you up to date.


I’ve been playing Warmachine by Privateer Press. Its a fun game. Lots of depth of play and some really great miniatures. Its not everyone’s cup of tea given that just about every figure has some wierd ability or trump but if you want a lot of flavor to your miniatures game this one has it. I have a Cryx and Khador force and am going to work on my Cygnar force next. Further down the line I will get Menoth and the Traitor bands. My intention is to build up Cryx and Khardor to 1000 points each and keep the other stuff to around 500 points.

My friend Jeff and I have been playing for a few weeks now. Jeff is working on a Cygnar box set. I lent him my cobalt blue paint for it. I plan on painting my Cygnar like German Panzers with the tan, forest green and russet red camo pattern. Should be fun and unique.

Iron Hero

I continue to run my Iron Kingdoms game using the Hero system. Its giving me a lot of great experience with Hero and it’s been a lot of fun. We are finishing up book one of the Witchfire Trilogy and its gone well. For the interregnum between book one and book 2 we are going to run a rescue operation as one the major NPC’s got captured by Swamp Gobbers. I’m putting Sidekick into the hands of the players so this should allow me to take the game to the next intensity level. That means adding in hit location and a better tracking of endurance use.

The Broken Earth

I am working on a Hero supplement called The Broken Earth. Its Post Apocalyptic in theme. I’ve got 20 pages done with another 20 to go. I am looking for proof readers and eventually playtesters. The whole project is completely derivative. One thing I need to do if find a way to make it more unique. Literally it has aspects of Aftermath, Morrow Project, Paranoia and Space Hulk/Aliens mixed in. I am unashamed of the borrowing but I honestly need a unique idea to make the whole project worth it. It is giving me a lot of experience in writing for the Hero System so its worth it just for that. Plus, I don’t think any of those games I mentioned are even out anymore.