1B7331 – clever reader comes up with a new angle

Tonight I was contacted by the very clever and talented Deric Stowell who suggested the number on the vehicle is hexadecimal code. He plugged it into a browser and saw the result was green, perhaps the color of the car. I did the same but used photo editing software and saw it was actually more of a forest green. Still, that would have been a funny joke if it had been the hex representation of the color of the Ford Fordor.
This attack angle led me to look up the ascii chart for wisdom… none – unless one of you knows what [esc] [%] [s] means!
I also looked up IB7331 (note the letter I instead of a 1) which is a flight from Cordoba so Santiago… 1B733i and iB733i both turned up nothing. While the flight seems interesting we know logically that correlation does not mean causation – there seems to be nothing to tie this back to the film series.
So while it is an interesting attack so far it seems to be a dead end. However, many thanks go to Derrick for this clever new approach to the problem.

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