Disposable Heroes + Coffin for Seven Brothers

I just got this set of rules. I’ve read them once and am on my 2nd pass. I must say I really like them. They are streamlined for 1:1 Platoon and Company sized battles.

One gripe I have is that they explain themselves within the rules. I don’t mind designers notes but leave them in an appendix at the end. Rule writers should be seen and not heard. 😉 Well, I think you get my meaning. Basically I like the rules to be as clean as possible. If you really need to explain something, save it for the end. The worst offender of this style is Jon Tuffley. I love the guy but he rambles within the rules and thats nearly unforgivable.

However, for the most part they aren’t wordy which is good. Plus the rules are complete – in that they seem to cover out of the box just about every situation you’d want the main rules to cover. Sure, they will add a lot more modules and I am looking forward to them, but for now I can run some pretty darn complex games with what we have here.

I will have more to say once I get a playtest in. For the most part I am excited by these rules and hope to give them a good run through.

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