Big A-do about nothing

Well the whole HMGS thing ended up being nothing as far as I

could tell. I asked around a lot and mainly there were some dumb

things that happened but overall I couldn’t unearth malice on the

part of anyone. This is a good thing. HMGS needs to have a long

run where elections are boring and everyone knows what to do.


Well my latest addiction is “”>Warmachine: a fantasy game of

giant steampunk robots, wizards and rangers with rifles. It has

Paladins with electric swords! The game rocks and the backstory

is pretty interesting as far as that goes. I am running my

Fantasy Hero game using the background (Officially called the

“Iron Kingdoms”.) We are having a blast with it. I just finished

painting a Khadoran Warjack (Destroyer) and Kommander Sorscha

Warcaster. I have 2 Man-O-War Shocktroopers (powered armor and

glaives, gotta love it) as well as the Butcher of Khador, a

warcaster with legendary toughness.

The Game looks like a lot of fun. I played one solo game and

found it to be more complex then I first had anticipated. It has

some interesting mechanics. For example command and control is

placed in the hands of the warcasters. They are powerful wizards

who have some pretty amazing abilities. They have FOCUS points

and they must allocate them at the begining of the turn. A

Warcaster cannot order troops around, cast spells and do a

hundred other things without first allocating focus points. Since

these are a commodity they require careful consideration before

being spent. You can order a unit to charge for one focus point

for example. You can boost a to hit roll with a focus point. You

can boost damage too. In a duel with one Warcaster and one

Warjack against a similar team you can have fun and boost away.

When you are in a serious game with multiple units to think about

it becomes more problematic.

The artistry in the sculpting is quite good. The Warjacks look

especially interesting. Most of the warrior and pit-crew (yes,

‘Jacks have pit-crew of sorts) are decent. I’d rate most of them

7-8 on the coolness scale. Of course the coolest figures for me

personally are the Confrontation figs. Right behind them but

definitely catching up are the Reaper minis. In any event I do

like the Warmachine figures. I think Rivit Head, the design group

that sculpted them, did an excellent job.

I think my paint job for Sorscha is better than the one on the

packaging without risking too much to bragging. I’ve been doing a

lot of painting lately and I’ve been experimenting with inks.

It’s really done a lot to improve my skills which makes me a very

happy boy. I’m painting as much lead as possible now to take

advantage of my open schedule. I hope of course I get a job soon,

but until then I want to get as much painted as possible. My

method is to paint that which I think I will be able to actually

run games with. This puts the WWII stuff right up there, but a

lot of fantasy stuff too. I have a lot of skeletons to get ready

for the “Army of Darkness Game.”

Oh and before I sign off – learned an awesome way to make snow

for bases! Using white glue and BAKING SODA you can make extremly

realistic snow. You have to be patient though. It takes at LEAST

24 hours to cure so once you make it don’t mess with it. I have

created a place to put up pics and pages of my Warmachine

miniatures. Head on over to:

Kingdom of

web site and give it a look. Finally I want to also

mention that if you are looking for good card protectors for your

Warmachine cards I suggest Rembrant’s Deck-Protector Ultra*Pro.

They are perfect. You can use dry erase markers on them to mark

damage AND they are clear on both sides. There may be others that

are clear on both sides but these are the ones I found and are


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