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HMGS East Election 2003

Rumor has it that HMGS East’s 2003 election was somewhat irregular. The last time

there was scandal was 1999 when a Mr. P– was reprimanded for his aggressive campaign

style. While I didn’t think he had done much wrong there were those who didn’t like the

fact that he was collecting ballots and bringing them up by the boxload to the ballot area.

The result of that was a change up in the rules. Ballots would be sent out to individual

members of HMGS-East. Members would fill them out and send them directly to a CPA

who would then count the vote and certify it. A secondary source (typically another HMGS

Chapter) would then verify the count. This has worked well for a couple of years.

The problem is that this year, there are rumors of things having gone wrong. I am trying

to verify these rumors and have not yet done so. What you are about to read is simply hearsay

and not fact. However, it is worth reporting because maybe someone out there reading this

can verify what this is all about. It is probably nothing, but it would be foolish to not look

into it.

  • Charge 1: Not everyone got a ballot. By this we mean deliberately and not attributable

    to normal loss rates due to the postal system.
  • Charge 2: Votes were cast in the name of people who never recieved ballots.
  • Charge 3: The CPA declared a winner without a secondary source verifying the count.
  • Charge 4: The CPA has ties with a board member of HMGS East and thus forming

    a possible conflict of interest

Again, this is heresay. I got my ballot. I didn’t vote because the political in-fighting at

HMGS-East sickens me and I didn’t feel any of the candidates were capable of keeping it

under control. I think few would be able to. However the members of the board seem

to be very reasonable people. In particular I like Del Stover and LTC Richard Egtvedt. I

have enjoyed speaking with them in the past. The others I don’t know so well but, again,

they seem to be reasonable people. They don’t seem like the people that would get involved

in an election rigging.

What I am trying to do is disprove these rumors (its easier to disprove in this case than

to prove.) I don’t think that they are true. However, they are serious and the people I’ve

spoken with felt sincerely that there is a problem. If you know of anything, write me at

and include “HMGS Election” in the subject line. Hopefully we can get to the bottom

of this quickly.

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