Well here it is, my first post into this damn thing. I don’t know what the point of blogging

is but, what the hell, everyone else is doing it. I must be missing out on something, right?

The point of this blog will be less about me ranting randomly about my life. It will be a lot

more about me going on about my life as a wargamer. I’ll talk about projects, games, personalities

and politics in the tight community known as wargamers.

Ok, so what am I into?

  • Historical Miniature Wargaming
  • General Miniature Wargaming
  • Role Playing (all genres)
  • Silly boardgames and card games (but not the collectable kind)
  • Serious board game (maybe once a year)
  • Some games defy description – Rise of the Luftwaffe/Zero are games in this category.

The other aspects of gaming I will discuss in detail are projects (building terrain, setting

up campaigns, painting miniatures, writing rules), game reports (often called After Action

Reports or AARs and finally any form of politics that occur in the gaming community.

Apparently there is a lot of interest in this. I am a member of HMGS East which is RIFE

with politics. I’ll report all that I hear from solid facts to unbelievable rumors. Sounds like

a plan to me!

I am also a member of BattleGroup Boston which is a fun group of guys out of

Massachusetts. I say “guys” because it’s almost exclusively men. We have had women

members and even women on our board of directors but so few women are into historical

miniatures that it’s not easy recruiting them into our ranks. It is pretty much a funny hobby,

and while we aren’t exclusive in the least, there are social reasons why women don’t get into

it at all. At Origins 2003 I did see lots of women in Role Playing and some in the

miniatures area but they still form a minority. Surely over time this will change. With women

joining professional football teams how much further can this hobby be?

A note about computer games — why not ditch everything and just play those, you ask. I get

asked this a lot and the reason is pretty simple: computer games don’t offer one tenth what

miniatures and role playing offer. The biggest component missing is Social Interaction.

The kick for me is playing with people, across a table. The banter and the laughs are missing

from online gaming. Even the advanced games with voice enabled play don’t give you the

same feeling. They never will. While I do like computer games I don’t see them replacing

the social aspect of other forms of gaming. Also there is something special about a well

painted miniature that just can’t be duplicated with a well drawn avatar in my mind.

Well that completes today’s blog. Lets see if I care about this still a week from now!

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